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WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

Gameday 6/30: Holy Balls @ Westside Warriors; Wicked Aces @ Westside Warriors; El Diablos @ Ducks

3 PM     The Reservation     Farmington Hills, MI
(14 - 8)
2 Game 1 4
(12 - 8)
 LP: Paquin (7-3)
 HR: Castle (5,6)
WP: Hatt (1-1) 
HR: Shore (5), Woods (1), Leggert (1) 
16 Game 2 5
 WP: Castle (4-1)
 HR: Castle (7,8,9,10), N. Braden (5,6), Paquin (4), Corbett (3)
LP: Barone (2-1) 
H★   Castle (HB) H★   N. Braden (HB) P★   Hatt (WW)
Line on the Series:   Series Results (HB Sweep, WW Sweep, Split)

Westside beat: In game 1, Sam Hatt took the mound for the first time this year. He was brilliant, holding the Balls to two runs. Home runs by Leggert, Shore and Woods helped lift Westside to a 4-2 win. In game 2, the story was far different. The scoring was mostly back and fourth, until the 5th inning with two outs, when the Balls struck for ten runs. David Castle was ON for lack of a better word and Jimmy Barone couldn’t seem to find the ability to get one more out. The balls technically took the season series 3-1, however, only went 1-1 in actual games played against Westside.

Balls beat: Windy conditions plagued the pitchers as usual at The Reservation this weekend. If you weren't in attendance, you missed something special, as it was "The David Castle Show" for the Balls. Game one was a low scoring affair with 5 of the 6 total runs scoring via the long ball. Shore and company with three and Castle tacking on two himself.

Game two appeared to be another close game with a 4-4 tie into the fourth. In the bottom of the fourth, the Warriors took the lead 5-4 on a bases loaded walk. Top of the fifth, Independence Day came a week early as the Balls put on a fireworks display, led by Castle. Castle hit four more bombs, Braden with two, and Corbett and Paquin also added one of their own.

5 PM     The Reservation     Farmington Hills, MI
(16 - 2)
13 Game 1 2
(12 - 8)
 WP: Fisher (2-0)
HR: Bortmas (5)
LP: Haffey (4-2) 
7 Game 2 0
 WP: A. Bischoff (4-0, 0.00)
HR: Bortmas (6), Hughes (1)
LP: Hatt (1-1) 
H★   Bortmas (WA) H★   Hatt (WW) P★   A. Bischoff (WA)
Line on the Series:   Series Point Spread: WA -4.5

Westside beat: In game 1, Kiefer took the mound against RJ Fisher and a high powered Whiteford offense. While Westside only struck for two runs coming on walks, Whiteford was hitting the ball very well and took game 1 with ease. Game two was Hatt v. Bischoff. These pitchers were Big Woods one and two pitchers last year. Sam got in a groove early, but couldn’t stop Whiteford's explosive offense. Shore and Hatt were the only two players to muster up hits versus Bischoff. The Warriors look to avoid a season sweep in week 12 in Whiteford.

Aces beat: The Aces traveled up to Farmington Hills to take on the Westside Warriors on a very windy Sunday afternoon. The wind was blowing directly against the pitchers, making it very tough for them to throw with any accuracy or velocity. RJ Fisher did a nice job for the Aces in game one, allowing only 2 runs on walks. The Aces bats picked up where they left off on Saturday, scoring 13 runs off of Haffey.

The Aces potent offense struck again in game two against former Manchester Punchout Sam Hatt, scoring 7 runs on two homers and a couple of walks. One of the homers was by former Manchester teammate, Evan Bortmas. Austin Bischoff pitched well for the Aces, not allowing a runner past second base.

6:30 PM     The Swamp     Trenton, MI
(18 - 6)
5 Game 1 0
(8 - 10)
 WP: Skinner (8-2) LP: Pearson (4-4) 
3 Game 2 4
 LP: C. Phillips (6-4) WP: Morris (2-1) 
HR: Pearson (14,15) 
H★   Pearson (DU) H★   C. Phillips (EL) P★   Skinner (EL)
Line on the Series:   Series Result (EL Sweep, DU Sweep, Split)

Ducks beat:

El Diablos informe: En el primer partido Skinner luces de nuevo, llevando un perfecto en el quinto, pero finalmente cedió un par de hits. en la primera entrada Pearson llenó las bases con bases por bolas y Phillips les aclaró con 2 triples si la pared. los diablos se las arregla para exprimir 2 más en una victoria por 5-0. juego de dos fue el espectáculo Pearson en el plato quienes cinturón dos jonrones con RBI árbol. los diablos tomaron un tiempo para empezar, pero plateado 3 carreras en la quinta, pero cayeron a los patos aumento de 4-3.