7/8 7/12 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 8/2 8/3 8/3 8/9 8/9 8/16 8/23
FS 3|3 FS 0|0 HB 0|2 BW 0|4 EL 1|1 ON 0|0 IS 0|13 EL 1|1 IS 0|0 WW 0|0 ON 3|0 KF 6|3 KF 0|1|0 FS 0 BW 1|2 EL 1|2 R★ 2 BW 0 The
WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

Opening Day Results

Update: Pitching and offensive stats are updated through Saturday's games, including the main page leader board (HRs include Sunday's games).

---- @ ----

Game 1:
Git r' Done         2
Wiffling DeLoppes   1
WP: Dennis Pearson
LP: Chad Hoppe

Game 4:
Git r' Done         5
Wiffling DeLoppes   8
WP: Cliff Comstock
LP: Dennis Pearson

---- @ ----

Game 2:
* 4 Innings, Mercy *
Jason Mattseals     0
Wiffling DeLoppes  10
WP: Cliff Comstock
LP: Jason Hewlett

Game 5:
Jason Mattseals     0
Wiffling DeLoppes   5
WP: Chad Hoppe
LP: Jason Hewlett

---- @ ----

Game 3:
Jason Mattseals    6
Git r' Done        9
WP: Dennis Pearson
LP: Jason Hewlett

Game 6:
Jason Mattseals    6
Git r' Done       13
WP: Dylan Braden
LP: Jason Matt

Opening Night Results

----- @ -----

Game #1:
* 4 Innings, Mercy *
Jason Mattseals   3
Campus Commandos 13
WP: Joe Seto 
LP: Jason Matt

Game #2:
* 6 Innings, Extras *
Jason Mattseals   3
Campus Commandos  4
WP: Joe Seto
LP: Zach Moore

Standout Performances: 

Joe Seto (CC)    - 12 K, 0 BB, 1.00 WHIP, 2.40 KPI (5 IP)
                   10 RBI, 4 HR, .571 AVG, 1.429 SLG

Jeff Biegas (JM) - .500 AVG, .750 SLG, 2 RBI, 1 HR

WSEM Podcast #1

As promised earlier this week, WSEM Podcast #1 is now online!! Check it out over at our Podbean account. It comes in four segments, between 10 and 15 minutes each, and covers a tournament recap and impressions, team introductions and expectations, over/unders for W-L totals, betting lines to win the WSEM championship, and a preview of Opening Weekend. Enjoy it in small morsels, or gorge yourself in one giant clam of a serving. Good insight, harmful truths, combustible commentary, man crushes revealed, humor and ridiculous found throughout, a new level of radio. Thanks to John Hill and Carl Coffee for making it happen! A new one of these will happen every couple weeks, so be prepared for whatever those two are able to make come out of this.

With good looking weather for this weekend we are planning to get an in game broadcast done Friday night for a game between rookie franchises, Jason Mattseals and Campus Commandos, at Lafayette Park in Detroit. Even possibly an interview with a "controversial" team captain. That should be fun and a good look into the league. We will let you know how it turns out. Stay tuned!

For the Audiophiles

We do not have any files online for you yet, but over the weekend John Hill and Carl Coffee laid down their first WSEM podcast (as yet unnamed). It should be online sometime Wednesday, and comes in at around fifty minutes. Team introductions, expectations, opening weekend preview, and even over/under betting lines and odds to win it all are thrown in the mix. There will be a link to the bi-weekly podcast in the right hand column under "Media" alongside the "Videos" and "Articles" links already there once it becomes available. They had a lot of fun with it and keep checking back because they will only get smoother and funnier as they go.

On the other audio front, the play-by-play broadcast from the Wind Up Tournament has been scratched and relegated to a learning experience. We will take another crack at the broadcast this Friday on Opening Night at Lafayette Park with the matchup between between the Jason Mattseals and Campus Commandos. Not to give too much away, but we will be treating the event as a bit of a spectacle to document all the "firsts" in Wiffle in Southeast Michigan history. A rumor is floating around of a special guest joining John and Carl in the broadcast for an interview to celebrate the occasion and give a broader feel for what the start of this season means.

Just remember: everything worth doing is worth taking a long time to do well. And keep checking back, because Podcast #1 will be up soon, and next week we will have play-by-play and commentary from Opening Night, including the first-pitch, run, win, and strike-out of WSEM's inaugural season. Stay tuned, the league goes live this Friday!

Wind Up Tournament Results

          Round Robin         
Wind Up Game #1
Belgian Wiffles: 1 - Git r' Done: 0
WP: Chris Lewis - LP: Dylan Braden
Wind Up Game #2
Donkeys: 6 - Jason Mattseals: 0
WP: Joe Seto - LP: Jason Matt
Wind Up Game #3
Travelers: 2 - Wiffling DeLoppes: 0
WP: Alan Garcia - LP: Chad Hoppe
Wind Up Game #4
Git r' Done: 1 - Donkeys: 0
WP: Dennis Pearson - LP: Mike Haap
Wind Up Game #5
Belgian Wiffles: 2 - Westside Warriors: 1
WP: Marc Strawser - LP: Matt Whelan
Wind Up Game #6
Flying Squirrels: 2 - Wiffling DeLoppes: 0
WP: Matt Murtha - LP: Chad Hoppe
Wind Up Game #7
Westside Warriors: 4 - Jason Mattseals: 0
WP: Alex Shore - LP: Jason Hewlett
Wind Up Game #8
Flying Squirrels: 3 - Travelers: 1
WP: Matt Murtha - LP: "PeeWee" 
1. Squirrels       2 - 0   +4
2. Belgian Wiffles 2 - 0   +2
3. Donkeys         1 - 1   +5
4. Warriors        1 - 1   +3
5. Travelers       1 - 1    0
6. Git r' Done     1 - 1    0
7. DeLoppes        0 - 2   -4
8. Mattseals       0 - 2  -10
Winners 1st Rd G#1
Flying Squirrels: 4 - Jason Mattseals: 0
WP: Matt Murtha - LP: Jason Matt
Winners 1st Rd G#2
Westside Warriors: 4 - Travelers - 3
WP: Alex Shore - LP: Alan Garcia
Winners 1st Rd G#3
Git r' Done: 3 - Donkeys: 0
WP: Dennis Pearson - LP: Joe Seto
Winners 1st Rd G#4
Belgian Wiffles: 1 - Wiffling DeLoppes: 0
WP: Chris Lewis - LP: Cliff Comstock
Winners 2nd Rd G#5
Westside Warriors: 10 - Flying (Drunk) Squirrels - 0
WP: Maclin Malloy - LP: Brandon Corbett
Winners 2nd Rd G#6
Git r' Done: 5 - Belgian Wiffles: 3
WP: Dennis Pearson - LP: Chris Lewis
Losers 1st Rd G#7
Travelers: 4 - Jason Mattseals - 3
WP: Jay Mac - LP: Jason Hewlett
Losers 1st Rd G#8
Wiffling DeLoppes: 3 - Donkeys: 1
WP: Chad Hoppe - LP: Don
Losers 2nd Rd G#9
Travelers: 2 - Belgian Wiffles: 0
WP: Alan Garcia - LP: Chris Lewis
Losers 2nd Rd G#10
Flying Squirrels: 1 - Wiffling DeLoppes: 0
WP: Brandon Corbett - LP: Cliff Comstock
Losers Semi G#11
Flying Squirrels: 3 - Travelers: 0
WP: Matt Murtha - LP: "PeeWee"
Winners Championship Rd G#12
Git r' Done: 1 - Westside Warriors: 0
WP: Dennis Pearson - LP: Maclin Malloy
Losers Championship G#13
Westside Warriors: 2 - Flying Squirrels: 0
WP: Maclin Malloy - LP: Brandon Corbett
Tournament Championship
Git r' Done: 5 - Westside Warriors: 2
WP: Dennis Pearson - LP: Maclin Malloy

Congratulations to Git r' Done on their first tournament championship!

Final Records
1. Git r' Done     5 - 1
2. Squirrels       5 - 2
3. Warriors        4 - 3
4. Belgian Wiffles 3 - 2
5. Travelers       3 - 3
6. Donkeys         1 - 3
7. DeLoppes        1 - 4
8. Mattseals       0 - 4

Thanks to all of the teams for coming out and making it a great day, and a special thanks to the Donkeys and "Travelers" for joining us for the day; having you guys out playing with us was amazing. The weather was just about the best we could have hoped for, pretty much parodying the play perfectly: hot then cold, hot then cold. We will have stats posted and a play-by-play broadcast to stream from this "Wind Up" Spring Preseason Tournament later this week. Thank you all again, and congratulations once more to Git r' Done!

Wind Up Round Robin Schedule

10:25 (1) Belgian   vs. Git r' Done
10:25 (2) Mattseals vs. Warriors
11:00 (1) DeLoppes  vs. Travelers
11:00 (2) Donkeys   vs. Git r' Done
11:35 (1) Belgian   vs. Warriors
11:35 (2) Squirrels vs. DeLoppes
12:10 (1) Donkeys   vs. Mattseals
12:10 (2) Squirrels vs. Travelers

1:00      Double Elimination Playoffs

Spring Preseason "Wind Up" Tournament Field Set

The field is set for the April 16th Spring Preseason "Wind Up" Tournament, our final Spring Training event of 2011! Eight teams: 6 league teams and 2 non-league teams captained by members of WSEM rosters. Just about the perfect spread we were hoping for in this preseason event. Plenty of our guys loosening up and a bit of new blood to show our game off to. In alphabetical order the participating teams are:

Games will start at 10:30am, but try to get to the fields around 10:00am, so you can be set up, warmed up, and ready to go. Games will be played on 2 fields: Hoppe's Field and a second built behind the house. Each team will get 2 round robin games with 30 minute time limits, and then a double elimination playoff. The playoffs will begin around 1pm with 45 minute time limits, so we can finish before it gets dark just after 8pm. Playoff seeding will be determined by Wins, head-to-head, run differential, then losses in extra innings.

The Mk. II strike zones, made possible by the generous donation of the metal stakes from Brian Meyers of the KWL, will be fabricated on Friday and the first will make its debut on Hoppe's Field during the tournament. The second field will have an experimental, hung strike zone with no post in the ground. This means there will be NO question whether it was the board or stake that was hit on pitches, which is worthy of a celebration on its own!

The championship game will be video taped in full with play-by-play, commentary, special guest announcers, interviews, mocking of the teams playing, and whatever else can be thought of to throw in the mix. The cameras will also be rolling throughout the day. So, practice your poses, celebrations, and, oh yea, your play(!) so you look good when caught on camera.

The weather forecast looks rough, but we will play through as scheduled. Bring layers and extra clothes, and we will see you and your guys at Hoppe's Yard [2497 Bluebush, Monroe, MI] at 10am this Saturday! League teams, be sure to step up, stand out, and make WSEM look good out there! Non-league teams, bring your best and try to show up our WSEM teams!

Belgian and Squirrels debut in NWLA top 50

#26 -- #16

The National Wiffleball League Association has released its first rankings for 2011, and two of WSEM's franchises rank among the top 50 teams! The Belgian Wiffles come in at number 26, and the Flying Squirrels at number 16! What does this mean? Like preseason NCAA rankings, your guess is as good as mine. Obviously, these are early rankings, but it is an honor to be represented and perceived in such high accord before any of our teams have even thrown a pitch! You can check out where our teams fall in the NWLA rankings throughout the season in our standings in the right-hand column or at the National Wiffleball League Association website. Just imagine how many teams we can have crack the top 50 once our season gets under way!

Pitchers and Hitters Report

There was hail. There was snow. There was warm. There was cold. There was sun. There was rain. There were strike outs, and there were home runs! Members of six teams showed up for yesterday's Pitchers and Hitters scrimmage, picked up teams and had an absolute blast, even if only a couple blasts were hit. You can really feel the season getting close now and everyone is getting excited. This season is going to be something special and an endless amount of fun. Butler beat VCU, so Alex is happy, and a bunch of the guys sat around a bonfire into the early morning hours BSing, lambasting, making plans, and getting blurry... There was American Pickers action for a minute, and then grown men chasing each other around a ping-pong table. That happened.

Many league rookies took advantage and are coming along very well, showing tremendous promise on both sides of the ball; including Chris Lewis and Marc Strawser who look to form a very formidable 1-2 punch for the Belgian Wiffles pitching staff. Dennis Pearson (Git r' Done) is hitting mid-70s regularly and got up to 80mph with surprising command on the mound and Maclin Malloy (Westside Warriors) hit 76mph a few times in his first outing of the year. Across the league both the velocity and stuff being featured on the mound seem to be a step up from 2010. Swing and miss strike outs are still a little more frequent than we expect them to be during the season, but as a whole batters are already taking better rips and looking more confident and poised in the box. The pitchers are definitely ahead of the curve at this point: spotting balls on the corners with good command and movement even in the cooler temperatures we have had (mid 40s this weekend).

After seeing many of WSEM's players over the last couple weekends Carl has written up 8 observations in this week's return of Coffee Time; sort of a scouting continuation of his 8 predictions from earlier this year, and in one or two cases maybe a revision thereof. That serves as a good segue into this week's videos. We put up four today, and will have a few more done throughout the week with highlights, in-game action, and random incidents and shenanigans. Check out a star pitcher on the mound, a sick pitch at 1:26, and some of the guys calling out one of the season's early predictions below, as well as the rest of the videos at http://youtube.com/wiffleinsemi.

Finally, wrapping up today's news cycle, one observation from yesterday not included in the Coffee Time post is that we finally have the Westside Warriors proper logo up on the website!