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Heavy on the Syrup, Please

  • It's Team Tuesday and this week the Belgian Wiffles are up! We learned some interesting stuff ourselves while putting the Wiffles' TT article together, so there should be a bunch of fun stuff in there for you! They have also made a couple roster additions this week: #16 Chuck Weiler, who has been wiffling since 2003 and has ties to Michigan wiffle royalty, and #26 Jay Mac.
  • Joe Seto, from the Donkeys in 2009 and 2010, has joined the Campus Commandos as a pitcher, relieving some of Captain Adam Grant's worries about his team's rotation. Joe's stats from those tournaments are posted on the Downriver Wiffle blog: 8/2009 Pitching, Hitting - 9/2010 Pitching, Hitting. Grant, like any good visionary, didn't stop at just one signing today; he also finalized a deal with Damien Rogers, securing him as another consistent bat in the Commandos' lineup.
  • We've also set up a Pitchers and Catchers practice for April 2nd at 3pm. The location is TBD and the date could change before then, but this seems like a day that works well for most pitchers... and f* the catchers! April 2nd is one week after our winter meeting so it's a good way to get players involved and playing right away, as well as getting the ball rolling for the 2011 season. It's also 2 weeks before the preseason tournament, so this date leaves time for pitchers to fine tune and get their arms in shape for that, as well! Then two weeks later the season schedule opens up; it all works together as a system kind of nicely, don't ya think?

Let's Go Nuts!

With the WSEM Winter Meeting one month away Evan Bortmas of the Manchester Wiffleball Association has signed a one-year deal with the Flying Squirrels to pitch and play the outfield. He will be available to play in the games held at his fields in Manchester, which the Squirrels plan to use as a home away from home to host two or three of their home series and perhaps one of the league open days. Evan, who will wear uniform #9 for those interested in picking up a Bortmas replica jersey, is happy to have the opportunity to wiffle competitively and make good use of his pitching talents this summer after his bid for the eighth franchise fell through. He is guaranteeing wins for his new Squirrels teammates when he takes the mound. Squirrels' ace Brandon Corbett responded to Evan's signing, enthusiasm and deflected questions about a possible power struggle in the bullpen in a steady, Iceman tone, "he can be my Max Scherzer anytime!"

Man in a Sched

Hey, kids. We've brought the schedule page up to date, giving you an idea of how this season is going to unfold: winter meeting, preseason tourney, season dates, all-star tourney, and playoff dates are all laid out. And on that note: we are one month and one day away from the "Winter Meeting" on March 26th! You feeling the excitement yet?

Start the Countdown [Updated 2/24]

This week the Westside Warriors get the Team Tuesday treatment, as Carl tries his hand at penning that column. Get at it! It's fun stuff!
Update: The Warriors are bringing a little more class to WSEM with the signing of PJ Nowak, committed to play baseball for Yale. In addition to bringing in Ivy Leaguers, rumors are also circulating that the Warriors are looking to secure a Nike contract for the 2011 season. Stay tuned: Westside's working the high end.

Also making news this week:

Lastly, in case you hadn't noticed... We are just over a month away from our Winter Meeting on March 26th! The meeting itself will be held at Taylor Sportsplex on Telegraph Carl's house (21932 Chipmunk Trail, Woodhaven) at 8pm. We'll go over all the important stuff so that we are all on the same page, and we'll have binders filled with all the rules and information you should ever need, as well as score sheets so you have them. As many people as you want to bring are invited; hopefully someone from every team is able to make it, so everyone is represented. After the meeting the plan is to head over to Taylor Lanes to hang out, bowl, drink with those who can, let the shit-talking commence, and just have an all around a good time and get to know each other a little better. Hope to see you there and that the excitement for this coming season is starting to build in you! It's getting close!

2/13 Notes:

  • David Buhr has named his team the Belgian Wiffles and made their roster available.
  • Also, the Manchester team has backed out making one last spot available for the 2011 season. If you're interested, get on it.
  • It's Sunday, so Carl's latest Coffee Time installment is now up, and shifting gears a bit, he is talking about the offense!


Today we welcome final two Wiffle in Southeast Michigan franchises for the 2011 season! We are full!!! Evan Bortmas and his team from the Manchester Wiffleball Association are joining our ranks this spring, along with Downriver Wiffle veteran, David Buhr, who will captain the last remaining WSEM franchise Belgian Wiffles. David is still looking for a few more guys, so if you are looking for a team, get in contact with us and we will try to set you up. We are very excited to have both of these teams Belgian involved in the inaugural WSEM season!

There is also other exciting news in wiffle today; our Team Tuesdays piece on the Wiffling DeLoppes is now up on the Skinny; highly recommended reading! Also, Git r Done has made the numbers and positions of their roster public. So, check that out as well.

Super Bowl Word Play

Carl's next Coffee Time article is now up over on the Skinny, "Super Rule Fun Play" (Get it? 'Cause it's Super Bowl Sunday!) In it he's discussing some of the "wackier" rules we use in WSEM, so that everyone has a clear understanding of them before the season starts, as well as giving some insight on where the rules came from and how they came about.

Talks are well underway in the signing of the seventh WSEM franchise, codenamed "Magnificent 7" during our behind the scenes dealings, for secrecy. We're excited about the addition of this team to WSEM; it brings a whole new dynamic to the league, as well as more strong competition, and gives us a much larger wiffle footprint.

New Column: Team Tuesdays

The DeLoppes were slated to be the first "Team Tuesday" installment on the Skinny, but with the recent trend and talk heating up over on the WSEM Facebook we decided to switch it up and lead off with the Git r Done article. On Sunday you may remember we posted this blurb: Git r Done has ...  chosen colors and a logo that might make them WSEM's team people love to hate, like the Yankees, though not at all like Yankees. Well, that logo lasted only 24 hours before the team removed it and returned to a temp logo. Read up on that story and much more about Git r Done as they prepare to play their third season year of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan over on the the Skinny.

Also, piggybacking another note about team aesthetics: the Wiffling DeLoppes have made their official colors black and grey.