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Heavy on the Syrup, Please

  • It's Team Tuesday and this week the Belgian Wiffles are up! We learned some interesting stuff ourselves while putting the Wiffles' TT article together, so there should be a bunch of fun stuff in there for you! They have also made a couple roster additions this week: #16 Chuck Weiler, who has been wiffling since 2003 and has ties to Michigan wiffle royalty, and #26 Jay Mac.
  • Joe Seto, from the Donkeys in 2009 and 2010, has joined the Campus Commandos as a pitcher, relieving some of Captain Adam Grant's worries about his team's rotation. Joe's stats from those tournaments are posted on the Downriver Wiffle blog: 8/2009 Pitching, Hitting - 9/2010 Pitching, Hitting. Grant, like any good visionary, didn't stop at just one signing today; he also finalized a deal with Damien Rogers, securing him as another consistent bat in the Commandos' lineup.
  • We've also set up a Pitchers and Catchers practice for April 2nd at 3pm. The location is TBD and the date could change before then, but this seems like a day that works well for most pitchers... and f* the catchers! April 2nd is one week after our winter meeting so it's a good way to get players involved and playing right away, as well as getting the ball rolling for the 2011 season. It's also 2 weeks before the preseason tournament, so this date leaves time for pitchers to fine tune and get their arms in shape for that, as well! Then two weeks later the season schedule opens up; it all works together as a system kind of nicely, don't ya think?