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Opening Night Matchup, Belgian Roster Announced

The first games of the 2012 season have been scheduled, and poetically they are scheduled for Opening Night, April 27th. In what is shaping up as a tradition for us, the Commandos will host the event under the city lights at Lafayette Park in Detroit. Their opponents will be the Flying Squirrels, who could not resist inviting themselves up for this year's kickoff (should I say "first pitch"?) event. Last time the teams played at Lafayette Park they split 1-1 with five runs winning both games. It should be a good test for the new lineups; speaking of which, now we can get to talking about who will be the opening day starters!

Also making news here at the end of the fiscal fourth quarter is the release of the new Belgian Wiffles roster. David Buhr has brought in four rookies for the 2012 campaign, three of whom he thinks could pan out as good pitchers. "I don't know how good any of them will be," David admitted in a text before confidently adding, "what I do know is that we're going to have some serious speed on the basepaths." So, it sounds like David has remodeled his lineup to take advantage of our expanded tag-up rule for next season. WSEM may have another team that can keep defenses on their toes and drive them crazy the way the DeLoppes and Warriors did last season.

In case you have not seen it on the news, the investigation into the plot to steal the Championship Trophy has reached a successful conclusion thanks to people's tips. Read about the guilty parties here. There is a lot happening over on The Skinny, and even more will be coming next week. So, stay tuned and check it out if you have the chance.

12/12 Looking to 2012

Carl and Brandon dust off the mics for the first time in nearly five months to bring you a special Wiffle spirit infused December edition of the WSEM Podcast. Due to the long layoff, the talking points start with some fun with 2011 awards. From there it goes into a look forward at basics for 2012 including new teams, roster moves, and rookie signings, before opening up some listener mail to answer questions from fans, then finally touching on balls and trash. Any reason to talk Wiffleball in December is darling, and we have had a resurgence lately. God bless the offseason!

Sorry for the quality of the closing few minutes. The main mic "malfunctioned" (read: "was not plugged in"), but some mystery mic still picked up the audio in a lower quality. It's witchy. We knew we'd never catch that weird, random wave of awesome we were riding again, so we just rolled with it.

There is also buzz in the rumor-mill that David Buhr has inked a huge deal that could land as many as five or six players on the Belgian Wiffles roster. Little information is available, but many wandering eyes are looking to the ripe farm systems of the Dominican Republic. Other outside sources, however, seem convinced the real news is coming out of Japan. I am sure the rumors will continue to grow as we anxiously await the official announcement.

Finally, today is a landmark day, as teams can begin scheduling matchups for the upcoming season. You do not have to nail down exact dates yet, but can select which of the fourteen weeks you would like to play certain series. Opening Day will be April 27th, and Closing Day will be July 30th. The season will be 28 games again, with two home and two road games versus each opponent. So, captains put the feelers out there, start getting in touch with each other and writing the script of how this season will play out! Have fun!

Commandos and 'Seals make 2012 Roster Moves

The Jason Mattseals, desperately in need of an outfielder/contact hitter, have signed Greg Franzen. Even though Greg is a rookie, he is the perfect player for the Matttseals. Captain Jason Matt has told me his rotation is set with Hewlett and himself, so his offseason priority was to replace Danny Johnson. I believe signing Greg gives the Mattseals a solid roster to play with.

The 2nd signing is Wiffleball legend Steve Harris, who will play with the Campus Commandos next season. After losing their best hitter and pitcher in Joe Seto, they really needed a player similiar to his skill set. Steve will bring that to the Commandos. Steve will be their ace on the mound, and should easily bat in the .300-.350 range. My first competitive wiffleball experience was in 6th grade with Steve, so he helped plant a wiffle seed in me at the ripe age of 12.

The Commandos may also have veteran David Buhr next season. More on that will be heard on our upcoming podcast, which will be recorded on Saturday.

Carl Coffee
Flying Squirrels - 18
Commissioner, The Hook Up