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2012 Wiffy Award Winners

The NWLA announced the 2012 Wiffy Awards this morning, and WSEM took home some impressive hardware - four outright Wiffies and one as a collective.

National Columnist of the Year
Our first Wiffy Award is "National Columnist of the Year", won by Brandon Corbett. You know him for his Your Junk my Happy Zone column, but he also moonlights over at Wiffle Logos in Words.

Corbett put out a press release saying the following: "I'd like to thank insanity, rum, and whiskey for helping me get to a place where I could earn this honor. Not only for WSEM, but mostly for my own ego."

Our second Wiffy Award is National Podcast of the Year, won by our most recent podcast, 'Brian Meyers Can Put on Show'. You can check out the podcast here: http://wiffleinsemi.podbean.com/

On behalf of the podcast crew, I, Carl Coffee, want to thank the following: Thank you to John Hill for helping get our podcasts started way back in April of 2011. Also, thank you to Alex Shore for his help putting our podcasts more on the map with his addition to our NWLA preview podcast. Of course, I want to thank Brandon Corbett for his co-host duties, and being the brains behind the scenes and putting the podcasts together and on the web. Lastly, I want to thank Brian Meyers who did an incredible job as our first guest in our first interview. Also, I love you, Mom!

National Team Logo of the Year
Our third Wiffy Award is "National Team Logo of the Year", won by the Whiteford Wicked Aces. When Joel Crozier and Austin Bischoff joined the league, they wanted to keep the W.W.A name which stood for "Whiteford Wiffleball Association." After trying out a few different names, they chose the Whiteford Wicked Aces and designed a very creative logo to represent the team.

Update: Joel has now done an interview about the Wiffy winning design with the Wiffle Logos website. Check it out here: http://wifflelogoscolumn.blogspot.com/

Our fourth Wiffy Award is "National Team Nickname of the Year", won by King Friday. WSEM has now won this award for two straight years! The Belgian Wiffles took this award in 2011. Here is King Friday's team page.

Richard Hurd had a King Friday fascination well before joining WSEM, so it was an easy choice to call his team that. King Friday always had a great attitude on the field, and I am thrilled to see them return in 2013. Also, King Friday had a Cinderella run in the Dangerfield Tournament, getting all the way to the Finals as an 8 seed.

Lastly, WSEM was also a part of the "National Wiffleball Event of the Year", which was the NWLA Tournament in Ohio that consisted of eight different leagues - GBL, KWL, OCWA, PWL, SWBL, TBWL, WSEM, and WWL. Huge props to Chris Gallaway for all he did to put this event together.

Congrats to all the winners!