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Free Agency News: King Friday Sign Cosby

Richard Hurd, captain of King Friday has signed former Mattseal/Friday/Belgian pitcher Adam Cosby and has released Joe Shinn.

Cosby returns to the team he was traded from last season, and gives them a proven ace and some veteran pitching they desperately need.

He was quoted: "I love wiffleball. I'd play wheelchair wiffle if it existed. That being said, it'd be difficult to turn down any offer to play. Especially for a captain like Rich Hurd."

Two questions remain. Did Cosby sign with King Friday just to stick it to Michael Session? And also, will he play more than four games this year?

Either way, it's good to have Cosby back.

-Commissioner Coffee

[Video] 2014 Division Spin #4: Garcia Slot 3 [Updated 1/25]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Coffee

Q: What was your initial reaction when you found out you got the Garcia #3 slot?
A: I know the Garcia #4 and #5 slots may have been better, but beggers can't be choosers. I am just glad we landed in the Garcia. I don't see the Warriors pitching Hatt/Bortmas 2 times vs. us, so I think we can hang with them. It will be fun for me to play four times against my former team, King Friday. I now hope the Flying Squirrels land in the Garcia as well. It would be fun to have my current and former teams all together.

Q: A lot of teams are already writing Belgian off, do you think you can compete?
A: I am putting a lot of faith in my two rookies, Travis Strojny and Stephen Farkas, and it appears no one else is taking them serious. When I was building this team I knew I needed some veterans to help out our youth movement, so I made a strong push to land the NN Boys, Nick Braden and Josh Nagorski. Nick will see a lot of time on the mound and will compliment the two rookies well. Nagorski in my opinion is one of the most underarted hitters in the league and I think he will have an All-Star caliber year.

Q: Belgian had two home fields in 2013, where will their home be this season?
A: We definitely won't be playing at the Wiffle Iron, and I really don't want to return to Wiff-Hill Grounds unless it is last resort. Installing 200' of fencing isn't fun. We will be Downriver and we may also stay at Mercure Park at another location. Once the weather gets a little nicer I am going to scout some places out. I don't mind using maybe 100' of silt fencing, but I would like to find some fencing already in place. We may even look at Brownstown Middle School for our home. We will know for sure before April 1.

[Video] Division Spin #3: Ringler Slot 3 [Updated 1/19]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Shore

Q: What was your initial thought when you found out you were joining the Ringler?
A: I couldn't be happier with rejoining the Ringler division. I feel that we were missing a few pieces in our lineup last year and we made major moves this offseason to fill those gaps. Also after putting the aces on their heels in the first round, I couldn't be more excited to try and win this division from them and get a second chance at a playoff run. I'm also looking forward to playing Kiefer's team. I knew he would do big things for the league and the fact that he brought in his own team is awesome.

Q: Have you talked with Hatt and Bortmas recently about their availability for the 2014 season?
A: I have been in close contact with both Evan and Sam. What is for certain is that if you think that they aren't going to show up, then you are sorely mistaken. Our schedule will complement them very nicely. I see them making it out to approximately 18-22 games. Woods and Greg are both all in this year and with the addition of Castle, I see a very deep lineup for the first time in Warrior history.

Q: Does a Rinlger Division title mean anything to the Warriors, or do just want to get into the playoffs?
A: A Ringer division title means everything to the Warriors. We haven't missed the playoffs and after a heartbreaking round one loss to Whiteford last season, there is nothing more I'd love to see then to take the Ringler pennant right from Whiteford. I feel more confident than I ever have about any of my prior teams and I couldn't be more excited to play some new teams as well. The Warriors now have a new logo, new uniforms, and maybe even a new home field for this year. From what it looks like, anything short of a deep playoff run for us this year is a bust. I'm very excited for the next three months, and see you all at the winter meeting.

[Video] 2014 Division Spin #2: Garcia Slot 2 [Updated 1/13]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Hurd

Q: What can you tell me about your 2014 roster?
A: This year King Friday will be made up of a bunch of over the hill 40 something guys who have no right taking the field to play wiffle ball against a bunch of much younger teams. The thing that King Friday has most going for them is a love of laughter and wanting to have fun along with hearts and ego’s much younger than their bodies. Pitching of course is the biggest concern and my end up just being everyone throwing an inning and hoping for the best. I should have a better ideal of how it looks as the season gets closer. We may have a few suprises that no one will see coming and the great unknown of the 2 newest members of the team that I have yet to meet is a big question mark also.

Q: How do you like being matched up with Onanism for your inter-division rival?
A: I will just pretend they are the CC of 2012 and we will hate them right out of the gate, which won’t be all that hard considering I know nothing about any of them. Haffey seemed like a nice enough guy so I’m sure it will be fun at the very least.

Q: Will King Friday win more than 1 game?
A: If I had to bet the house on us winning more than 1 game I would do it, more than 5, I absolutely would not. I figure we have to run into a 3rd or 4th string pitcher more than once and Ryan jr. had decent games against the juggernaut Punchouts in “12” proving the ability to hang with the best of the best.

[Video] 2014 Division Spin #1: Ringler Slot 2

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Haffey

Q: How do you feel about being stacked up against the Aces?
A: The aces is not a good matchup for us in any way. We have a lot of players traveling from EL and that's a hike to Whiteford. Plus if there's anything that's a hard transition for baseball players into this game it's hitting against good wiffleball pitching, which Whiteford has.

Q: Who'd you like to see spun as your rival next week?
A: I'd like to see the Wolfpack. Two brand new squads with history to be made and talent to prove.

Q: Any new news regarding your rookie squad?
A: My squad is more excited than I had thought they'd be at this point. Lots of talk about offseason practices/training to get prepared.