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[Video] 2014 Division Spin #2: Garcia Slot 2 [Updated 1/13]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Hurd

Q: What can you tell me about your 2014 roster?
A: This year King Friday will be made up of a bunch of over the hill 40 something guys who have no right taking the field to play wiffle ball against a bunch of much younger teams. The thing that King Friday has most going for them is a love of laughter and wanting to have fun along with hearts and ego’s much younger than their bodies. Pitching of course is the biggest concern and my end up just being everyone throwing an inning and hoping for the best. I should have a better ideal of how it looks as the season gets closer. We may have a few suprises that no one will see coming and the great unknown of the 2 newest members of the team that I have yet to meet is a big question mark also.

Q: How do you like being matched up with Onanism for your inter-division rival?
A: I will just pretend they are the CC of 2012 and we will hate them right out of the gate, which won’t be all that hard considering I know nothing about any of them. Haffey seemed like a nice enough guy so I’m sure it will be fun at the very least.

Q: Will King Friday win more than 1 game?
A: If I had to bet the house on us winning more than 1 game I would do it, more than 5, I absolutely would not. I figure we have to run into a 3rd or 4th string pitcher more than once and Ryan jr. had decent games against the juggernaut Punchouts in “12” proving the ability to hang with the best of the best.