7/8 7/12 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 8/2 8/3 8/3 8/9 8/9 8/16 8/23
FS 3|3 FS 0|0 HB 0|2 BW 0|4 EL 1|1 ON 0|0 IS 0|13 EL 1|1 IS 0|0 WW 0|0 ON 3|0 KF 6|3 KF 0|1|0 FS 0 BW 1|2 EL 1|2 R★ 2 BW 0 The
WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

Gameday 6/30: Holy Balls @ Westside Warriors; Wicked Aces @ Westside Warriors; El Diablos @ Ducks

3 PM     The Reservation     Farmington Hills, MI
(14 - 8)
2 Game 1 4
(12 - 8)
 LP: Paquin (7-3)
 HR: Castle (5,6)
WP: Hatt (1-1) 
HR: Shore (5), Woods (1), Leggert (1) 
16 Game 2 5
 WP: Castle (4-1)
 HR: Castle (7,8,9,10), N. Braden (5,6), Paquin (4), Corbett (3)
LP: Barone (2-1) 
H★   Castle (HB) H★   N. Braden (HB) P★   Hatt (WW)
Line on the Series:   Series Results (HB Sweep, WW Sweep, Split)

Westside beat: In game 1, Sam Hatt took the mound for the first time this year. He was brilliant, holding the Balls to two runs. Home runs by Leggert, Shore and Woods helped lift Westside to a 4-2 win. In game 2, the story was far different. The scoring was mostly back and fourth, until the 5th inning with two outs, when the Balls struck for ten runs. David Castle was ON for lack of a better word and Jimmy Barone couldn’t seem to find the ability to get one more out. The balls technically took the season series 3-1, however, only went 1-1 in actual games played against Westside.

Balls beat: Windy conditions plagued the pitchers as usual at The Reservation this weekend. If you weren't in attendance, you missed something special, as it was "The David Castle Show" for the Balls. Game one was a low scoring affair with 5 of the 6 total runs scoring via the long ball. Shore and company with three and Castle tacking on two himself.

Game two appeared to be another close game with a 4-4 tie into the fourth. In the bottom of the fourth, the Warriors took the lead 5-4 on a bases loaded walk. Top of the fifth, Independence Day came a week early as the Balls put on a fireworks display, led by Castle. Castle hit four more bombs, Braden with two, and Corbett and Paquin also added one of their own.

5 PM     The Reservation     Farmington Hills, MI
(16 - 2)
13 Game 1 2
(12 - 8)
 WP: Fisher (2-0)
HR: Bortmas (5)
LP: Haffey (4-2) 
7 Game 2 0
 WP: A. Bischoff (4-0, 0.00)
HR: Bortmas (6), Hughes (1)
LP: Hatt (1-1) 
H★   Bortmas (WA) H★   Hatt (WW) P★   A. Bischoff (WA)
Line on the Series:   Series Point Spread: WA -4.5

Westside beat: In game 1, Kiefer took the mound against RJ Fisher and a high powered Whiteford offense. While Westside only struck for two runs coming on walks, Whiteford was hitting the ball very well and took game 1 with ease. Game two was Hatt v. Bischoff. These pitchers were Big Woods one and two pitchers last year. Sam got in a groove early, but couldn’t stop Whiteford's explosive offense. Shore and Hatt were the only two players to muster up hits versus Bischoff. The Warriors look to avoid a season sweep in week 12 in Whiteford.

Aces beat: The Aces traveled up to Farmington Hills to take on the Westside Warriors on a very windy Sunday afternoon. The wind was blowing directly against the pitchers, making it very tough for them to throw with any accuracy or velocity. RJ Fisher did a nice job for the Aces in game one, allowing only 2 runs on walks. The Aces bats picked up where they left off on Saturday, scoring 13 runs off of Haffey.

The Aces potent offense struck again in game two against former Manchester Punchout Sam Hatt, scoring 7 runs on two homers and a couple of walks. One of the homers was by former Manchester teammate, Evan Bortmas. Austin Bischoff pitched well for the Aces, not allowing a runner past second base.

6:30 PM     The Swamp     Trenton, MI
(18 - 6)
5 Game 1 0
(8 - 10)
 WP: Skinner (8-2) LP: Pearson (4-4) 
3 Game 2 4
 LP: C. Phillips (6-4) WP: Morris (2-1) 
HR: Pearson (14,15) 
H★   Pearson (DU) H★   C. Phillips (EL) P★   Skinner (EL)
Line on the Series:   Series Result (EL Sweep, DU Sweep, Split)

Ducks beat:

El Diablos informe: En el primer partido Skinner luces de nuevo, llevando un perfecto en el quinto, pero finalmente cedió un par de hits. en la primera entrada Pearson llenó las bases con bases por bolas y Phillips les aclaró con 2 triples si la pared. los diablos se las arregla para exprimir 2 más en una victoria por 5-0. juego de dos fue el espectáculo Pearson en el plato quienes cinturón dos jonrones con RBI árbol. los diablos tomaron un tiempo para empezar, pero plateado 3 carreras en la quinta, pero cayeron a los patos aumento de 4-3.

Gameday 6/29: Holy Balls @ King Friday; Wicked Aces @ King Friday

11 AM     Field of Make-Believe     Wayne, MI
(13 - 7)
9 Game 1 4
(8 - 12)
 WP: Paquin (7-2)
 HR: Castle (3), Corbett (2), Paquin (3), Piasecki (4)
LP: Hewlett (3-3) 
N. Coffee (3), G. Brannan (6) 
8 Game 2 3
 WP: Castle (2-0)
 Castle (4), Piasecki (5)
LP: M. Brannan (2-5) 
Hewlett (12) 
H★   Castle (HB) H★   Piasecki (HB) F★   G. Brannan (KF)
Line on the Series:   Total HR: Over/Under 9.5

Friday beat: King Friday hosted the Holy Balls to finish off their season series in wet conditions at the Field of Make-Believe. Holy Balls brought their bats for both games as their entire team chipped in and scored 17 runs in total. Chris Paquin and David Castle got the wins to complete the season sweep over their Ringler Division foes. Nick Coffee, Greg Brannan, and Jason Hewlett had home runs for King Friday, but in both games Friday was never able to keep it close.

Balls beat: The Balls were guests of King Friday to conclude their season series as they swept their way to a 13-7 record. Game one pitching match-up had Paquin opposing Hewlett. Friday was able to score a couple solo ding dongs off of the bats of Greg Brannan and Nick Coffee, who ironically enough were the two who made hilarious splash downs in the wet and soggy field. All the Ball's players recorded a home run.

Game two featured Mark Brannan vs. David Castle. Castle had a solid pitching performance giving up only three runs, one of which was the long ball variety via Hewlett. Concern for Friday came late in the second game as Carl Coffee broke a toe swinging for the fence and Greg Brannan barreled head first into a trash can attempting a diving catch. They were pulled to the sidelines for observation and turned out to be okay.

1 PM     Field of Make-Believe     Wayne, MI
(14 - 2)
7 Game 1 0
(8 - 12)
 WP: Bortmas (3-1)
 HR: Bortmas (2), Crozier (1,2), Fisher (1)
LP: Hewlett (3-4, 2.31) 
18 Game 2 0
 WP: Crozier (2-0)
 HR: A. Bischoff (7), Bortmas (3,4)Crozier (3), Fisher (2,3)
LP: M. Brannan (2-6) 
Line on the Series:   Robs by Tree in RF: Over/Under 2.5

Friday beat: In the second series of the day, King Friday welcomed the Wicked Aces who were playing at the Field of Make-Believe for the first time. The Aces got some great pitching out of Evan Bortmas and Joel Crozier who both had shut out wins. The wet conditions got to be pretty annoying especially later in the day, but it didn't stop the Aces from crushing the ball. Jason Hewlett and Mark Brannan weren't their best, but when you get zero run support, their isn't much you can do.

Aces beat: The Aces traveled up to Wayne to take on King Friday on a very soggy Saturday afternoon. The field was extremely muddy, and made for a very tough day for both teams to find any footing. Evan Bortmas took the mound for the Aces and had a perfect game going to the 4th inning. Jason Hewlett held the Aces offense to 2 runs over 4 innings, but the Aces struck for 5 in the fifth to take game one.

In game two, the Aces bats woke up right away and were dominant from the beginning, racking up 18 runs on 6 home runs. Joel Crozier took the hill and did a very nice job, shutting out King Friday over 5 innings.

Gameday 6/23: Holy Balls @ Wicked Aces; Ducks @ El Diablos

4 PM     Poolside Park     Ottawa Lake, MI
(11 - 7)
0 Game 1 3
(12 - 2)
 LP: Paquin (6-2) WP: Fisher (1-0) 
2 Game 2 1
 WP: N. Braden (2-1)
 S: Castle (1)
 HR: Corbett (1)
LP: Hughes (0-1) 
P★   Fisher (WA) P★   N. Braden (HB) H★   Corbett (HB)

Line on the Series:   Series Point Spread: WA -6.5

Aces beat: The Balls traveled down to Whiteford for the final series between the two teams. Just like the first series, the games were very close and extremely entertaining. In the first game, RJ Fisher made his season debut for the Aces. He was very impressive, holding the Balls to just one hit and three walks. Justin Hughes led the Aces offensively with two singles and a double to go along with two RBI’s.

In game two, the Aces struggled to get anything going offensively against Balls pitcher Nick Braden. The Aces had their chances, but could never get a hit to spark the offense. Justin Hughes did pitch well for the most part, but gave up a two-run home run, which proved to be the difference in the ballgame.

Balls beat: Sunday afternoon, the Holy Balls traveled to Whiteford to play the Aces in the two team's last regular season series. As expected, this series featured a lack of offensive production as pitching was dominant on both sides. Game 1, Whiteford was able to get 3 runs on a couple weak fly balls that managed to find the grass.

Game 2 had as much excitement you could expect from a low scoring game. Whiteford took an early 1-0 lead on a sac fly to right field. Brandon Corbett had impeccable timing for his first bomb of the year taking Hughes yard with a 2-run jack in the top of the 3rd inning. It looked like the Balls had this one locked up with Braden's quick 4th inning on the mound. When Nick took the hill in the bottom of the 5th, and the Balls still holding on to a 1-run lead, he was unable to find to strike zone. Braden recorded one quick out, then walked the bases loaded. In a brilliant coaching move, the Balls brought in their recent acquisition David Castle to close it out. Castle recorded the final two outs in strike out form on 3 pitches, earning himself a save, the Balls a win, and sparing Braden a humiliating splash-down in the pool.

6:30 PM     Pervis Memorial     Southgate, MI
(7 - 9)
3 Game 1 0
(17 - 5)
 WP: Pearson (4-3)
 HR: Pearson (13)
6 Innings LP: Skinner (7-2) 
1 Game 2 11
 LP: Morris (1-1) 3 Innings WP: C. Phillips (6-3) 
HR: Tomlinson (10) 
P★   Pearson (DU) H★   Tomlinson (EL) H★   Pearson (DU)
Line on the Series:   Over/Under 46.5 K

El Diablos informe: Juego uno Skinner se enfrentó a la CABRA, Dennis Pearson. Fue un duelo de lanzadores hasta 3 carreras contra el palo de la CABRA. Los Diablos fueron cerradas sin perder 3-0. Juego 2 fue un baño de sangre. Phillips produjo 1 carrera en la primera, pero era apagar las luces después de eso. Los lanzadores Patos costó encontrar su caminar de control en diferentes carreras. A dinger fuera del bate de Tomlinson nos impulsó a una victoria de la misericordia. Pearson > Bischoff.

Ducks beat: Everybody knew that Game 1 would be a pitching duel, Pearson vs. Skinner, and it definitely lived up to expectations. As you could imagine every out recorded by strike out. It was a scoreless game until Dennis came up and jacked a 3 run shot over the center field wall. Which would prove to be the game's only runs. Ducks win 3-0. Game 2 was a different story, el Diablos were patient at the plate as Phil Morris struggled to find the zone. Runs were walked in, and Dylan then replaced Phil as the pitcher. Kyle Tomlinson hit a 3 run walk off home run for the mercy. Ducks lose 11-1.

Gameday 6/21: Islanders @ King Friday

6:30 PM     Field of Make-believe     Wayne, MI
(4 - 18)
2 Game 1 12
(8 - 8)
 LP: Mott (0-1) WP: Hewlett (4-2) 
HR: G. Brannan (5), Sharlow (3,4), Hewlett (8,9) 
5 Game 2 15
 LP: Linebrink (0-7)
 HR: Murtha (3)
WP: M. Brannan (3-4) 
HR: Hewlett (10,11) 
Line on the Series:   Over/Under 22.5 total runs scored

Friday beat: The weather cooperated for the first time at The Field of Make-Believe as King Friday took on the Pirates of Belle Isle. Game one Islanders starter Mott had Friday’s batters on lockdown for the first couple of innings but they battled each at bat and finally broke it open in the 4th as Hewlett had the walk off hr (2nd HR of the game) for the mercy rule, Rookie outfielder Sharlow also had 2 HR’s in the game. The 2nd game was a walk fest for both teams pitchers had trouble finding the board but the Islanders had the toughest time finding it in the 3rd inning, with 3 different pitchers taking the mound in the inning and none were able to record an out before Hewlett again hit the walk off HR for the Mercy.

Islanders beat: The Islanders just haven't had it this year against King Friday. Andrew Mott was on the mound for the first game for the Islanders and locked down the King Friday batters for the first two innings. Mott started struggling in the third inning which resulted in big bats from Jason Hewlett (former Islander) and John Sharlow. The Islanders were ultimately mercied in game one.

Game two started off as a different story. For the first time in at least a month, Islander Captain Alex Linebrink started on the mound. Linebrink had control for the first few innings along with run support led by a Matt Murtha home run. As the game wore on, Linebrink lost control to the point that the Islanders had to sub in Robby Colgan and Matt Murtha. Unfortunately, Colgan and Murtha weren't able to provide the relief that was hoped and the Islanders were mercied in the second game as well.

Gameday 6/16: King Friday @ Belgian Wiffles; Westside Warriors @ Holy Balls

1 PM     Wiff-Hill Grounds     Rockwood, MI
(6 - 8)
12 Game 1 0
(4 - 20)
 WP: Hewlett (3-2)
 HR: G. Brannan (1,2), Hewlett
 (7), Hollister (1)
LP: Myers (1-2) 
15 Game 2 1
 WP: M. Brannan (2-4)
 HR: C. Coffee (1,2), G. Brannan (3,4)
4 Innings LP: Matt (1-4) 
H★   G. Brannan (KF) F★   G. Brannan (KF) P★   Hewlett (KF)
Line on the Game:   Over/Under 11.5 Mark Brannan Ks (pitching)

Belgian beat: The Wiffles offensive and pitching struggles continued on Sunday at home as they endured two more losses to King Friday on Father's Day. It was still a great day as Jason Hollister (former Wiffle, now King Friday) wanted his step-father, Carlos Garcia, to play some wiffleball. Garcia played for Belgian against his stepson and had just as much difficulty as the rest of the Wiffles did, other than Ryan Alexia (who seemed to walk almost every at bat this weekend), reaching base. He still had fun as did everyone else there. Even though it was a tough weekend for the Wiffles with 4 losses, everyone had fun and that's what Wiffling is all about.

Friday beat: King Friday and their new acquisitions paid off in their first series against the Belgian Wiffles as Mark Brannan, Greg Brannan, and Jason Hollister all contributed in huge ways against their former mates. Greg homered 4 times on the day. In game 1, Friday sent out Jason Hewlett, who dominated Belgian. King Friday’s bats did the rest in a total team effort at the plate, scoring 12 runs to make the final score 12-0.

In game 2, Friday sent out the other half of their new 1-2 punch, Mark Brannan. He was solid throughout and picked up the W. Fridays bats stayed hot, as Commish Coffee had a huge game, hitting 2 homers and driving in 7. Friday Wins again 16-1. While it’s been a tough season for Belgian, there is no quit in these guys. They’re a fun team to play and a good group of guys to be around. The new look King Friday impressed in their debut, but face an uphill battle to the playoffs.

5:30 PM     Holy Grounds     Wyandotte, MI
(11 - 5)
0 Game 1 3
(10 - 6)
  Westside forfeit  
0 Game 2 3
  Westside forfeit  

6:30 PM     The Island     Detroit, MI
(6 - 8)
16 Game 1 6
(4 - 16)
 WP: Pearson (3-3)
HR: Pearson (11,12), Morris (1)
LP: Murtha (1-5) 
4 Game 2 2
 WP: Morris (1-0)
 HR: D. Braden (8)
LP: Mundel (2-3) 
P★   Morris (DU) F★   Mundel (IS) H★   Pearson (DU)
Line on the Game:   Series Result: DU Sweep, IS Sweep, Split

Islanders beat: Another tough day for the Islanders on Belle Isle as the Ducks take both games. In the first game, Matt Murtha was the starting pitcher for the Islanders before he was pulled after the first inning for an exhaustion issue with his throwing arm. Shane Henry came in and provided relief, but it wasn't enough as the Ducks beat the Islanders by a score of 16-5. In the second game, Islander Ace Will Mundel pitched all five innings despite being under extreme stress due to exhaustion in his throwing arm as well. Mundel was able to find the strike zone multiple times, but it was the Ducks new Ace Phillip Morris that pulled it out in the end. The final score on the second game was 4-2.

Two new players made their debuts during the games--Phillip Morris for the Ducks and Chris Marhofer for the Islanders. Morris' debut was exceptional as he homered on his first at bat. Marhofer was able to continue the Islanders small ball dominance by walking several times in the second game. Good things should be expected from both players in the future.

Ducks beat: In Game One on Belle Isle, the Ducks bats took advantage of freshmen pitcher Shane Henry and jumped out to an early offensive lead. Dennis found the board on defense and the Ducks came ahead 16-5. In Game Two it was a battle between Will Mundel and Ducks newcomer Phil Morris. The ducks offense struggled, leading to multiple strikeouts from some players. The walks racked up for Morris, but he dialed in and shut it down. Ducks win game two 4-2.

Gameday 6/15: Wicked Aces @ El Diablos; Belgian @ Holy Balls; Westside @ Islanders

6 PM     Pervis Memorial     Southgate, MI
(11 - 1)
0 Game 1 2
(16 - 4)
 LP: Bortmas (2-1) WP: Skinner (7-1) 
HR: Tomlinson (9) 
2 Game 2 0
 WP: A. Bischoff (3-0)
 HR: A. Bischoff (7)
LP: C. Phillips (5-3) 
P★   Skinner (EL) P★   A. Bischoff (WA) H★   Tomlinson (EL)

El Diablos informe: Dos pesos pesados igualados hasta la semana 8 y dos grandes partidos se jugaron. Los Ases decidieron ser un montón de mujeres y no tirar su potencial ganador de zapatos de payaso en contra nuestra. Skinner dominó produciendo 2 corredores en base. Bischoff entró en una de las pistas Bortmas "y Tomlinson tarde etiquetada un jonrón solitario en Hughes. Game 2 Bischoff nos cerró, Phillips lanzó bien pero tienen un dedo casualidad a Austin en la tercera chapado dos carreras. que todos ellos tendrían que estábamos encerrados fuera.

Wicked Aces beat: The Aces went into Pervis Memorial wanting to sweep the Diablos and live up to their #3 national ranking. Things started off rough as Evan Bortmas walked the first three guys to start off the bottom of the 1st. Captain Austin Bischoff decided to pull Bortmas and put himself on the mound. He limited the damage and the Diablos were only able to score 1 run off of a walk. Bischoff then pitched the next inning and put Justin Hughes in to throw the 3rd and 4th innings. Hughes only let one run up, a solo shot off the bat of Tomlinson. The Aces offense couldn’t get anything going off of Skinner though, and ended up with only two walks in the 5th to break up the perfect game.

Bischoff took the hill in game two against Phillips. He shut down the very potent Diablo offense and helped his cause with a 2 run ding-dong daddy. Bortmas had a very productive game at the dish, going 3-5 with a walk. Hughes also had a pretty nice game, drawing 3 walks.

6:30 PM     Holy Grounds     Wyandotte, MI
(4 - 18)
8 Game 1 13
(8 - 6)
 LP: Buhr (2-3) WP: Castle (2-1) 
HR: N. Braden (2), Paquin (2), 
Piasecki (2,3) 
1 Game 2 17
 LP: Dancza (0-3, 3.75)
 HR: Buhr (1)
WP: Paquin (6-1) 
HR: N. Braden (3,4) 
H★   N. Braden (HB) H★   Castle (HB) F★   Wesserling (BW)
Line on the game:  Series Point Spread: Holy Balls -10.5

Balls beat: Game 1 immediately turned out to be a high scoring affair with Belgian scoring 3 runs in the top of the first to take a quick 3-0 lead. The Balls, however, didn't panic as they tacked on 4 with a grand slam from Paquin in the bottom of the first. Belgian put up a few more, then the Balls came on in the later innings putting up 13 runs on Belgian, not before Castle came on in relief shutting down Belgian's offense. Game 2 was a different matter, as the balls offense continued to score. The Balls racked up two ding dong daddy's from Nick Braden and quickly put the game out of reach. Belgian's scoring was minimal, putting up 1 run.

Castle and Braden were outstanding offensively. Braden scored a double-digit RBI total for the series. Castle nearly hit for the cycle game 1 and only managed to get out once the entire series.

Belgian beat: Though Belgian got an early lead on Chris Lewis and as he struggled to find the strike zone, it was no match for the offense of the Holy Balls as they belted several home runs with the winds blowing out against a not-so-power arm in David Buhr. Belgian still scored 8 runs and Dougie W even turned in a fine double play, but it was not enough and the Wiffles lost by 5. The offense was even slimmer for Belgian in Game 2 as the only run came off of Buhr's solo shot over the Center Field fence off of Chris Paquin. Belgian suffered it's 3rd mercy of the season in that game, losing 15-1.

5:30 PM     The Island     Detroit, MI
(11 - 3)
2 Game 1 0
(4 - 14)
4 Game 2 2
P★   Haffey (WW) H★   Colgan (IS) F★   Voutsos (WW)
Line on the game:  Over/Under 3 steal attempts

Islanders beat: It wasn't the Islanders day on Belle Isle today as they lost a 2 - 0 pitchers duel in the first game. Both Matt Murtha and Kiefer Haffey were on top of their games with Kiefer out dueling Murtha in the end. In the second game, the Islanders took an early 3-0 lead in the first inning, until the Warriors were able to concentrate at the plate and walk a half dozen or so times. Final score in the second game was 4-2 with the Warriors prevailing. After the game, the Islanders said good bye to Brad Francis, who left the team on good graces as he makes his journey to Davenport, Iowa for chiropractic school

Warriors beat: The warriors traveled down to Belle Isle on a rainy and windy day. Murtha was dominant on the mound, but DiTizio was able to plate two runs to lift the warriors to a 2-0 victory. Haffey had a shut out performance. The second game was a much different story. Mundel struck out the first nine he faced, however the Westside crew was able to draw some walks and get a 4-2 victory over the Islanders.

2013 All-Star Balloting

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When voting, select two pitchers and three fielders from Garcia, and two pitchers and three fielders from Ringler. You may only vote for two players from the same team; additional votes after two from a team will not be counted. More than two players per team can be named to the All-Star team, however. In case of a trade, players will remain representative of the team and division they were with on the date voting opened. The All-Star Game will once again be played at John Hill For the Thrill in August.

Anyone may vote: fan, enemy, player or outsider. You may submit your votes by e-mail, facebook message, or the twatter. Your votes will not be made public, but we need names involved to prevent the casting of multiple votes. Voting will be open through week twelve (7/16).

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P2 - J. Kahler (IS) P2 - M. Harley (HB)
F1 - P. Moriarty (BW) F1 - J. Shelton (WW)
F2 - J. Ratajcyk (BW) F2 - R. Winfield (KF)
F3 - J. Francis (EL) F3 - S. Skibbe (KF)

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Gameday 6/11: Islanders @ El Diablos

6 PM     Pervis Memorial     Southgate, MI
(4 - 12)
5 Game 1 7
(15 - 3)
 LP: Mundel (2-2) WP: Skinner (7-1) 
HR: Lollio (8) 
0 Game 2 15
 LP: Linebrink (1-4) WP: Skinner (7-1) 
HR: Tomlinson (8) 
H★   Lollio (DU) H★   Skinner (DU) F★   Mott (IS)
El Diablos informe: Game 1 Mundel cerró los Diablos a través de 4 entradas dar un hit a nada menos que el capitán Mark Phillips! Lollio estaba encendido y apagado en el montículo, pero consiguió a través de 4 entradas ileso. se metió en un poco de problemas en el quinto, pero salió de ella. Abajo 5-0. Los diablos remontó y ganó 6-5 detrás de los murciélagos de todo el mundo. Juego 2 fue una isleños caminar fest y Mark vio su primera entrada en el montículo. 15-0 Diablos.

Islanders beat:

Gameday 6/9: Belgian Wiffles @ Ducks; El Diablos @ Westside Warriors

6 PM     The Swamp     Trenton, MI
(4 - 16)
0 Game 1 1
(4 - 8)
 LP: Cosby (0-2) WP: Pearson (2-3) 
HR: Pearson (10) 
0 Game 2 1
 LP: Matt (1-2) 6 Innings WP: D. Braden (1-1) 
P★   D. Braden (DU) H★   Pearson (DU) F★   Matt (BW)
Ducks beat:

Belgian beat:

6 PM     Reservation     Farmington Hills, MI
(13 - 3)
10 Game 1 0
(9 - 3)
 WP: Skinner (5-1)
 HR: C. Phillips (5,6), Tomlinson (7), LaDouceur (5,6)
LP: Haffey (3-1) 
23 Game 2 9
 WP: C. Phillips (5-2)
 HR: Skinner (6), LaDouceur (7,8,9), C. Phillips (7)
LP: Shore (1-1) 
HR: Haffey (1), Voutsos (3) 
Postponed until 6/9 due to unplayable winds
P★   Skinner (EL) H★   LaDouceur (EL) H★   C. Phillips (EL)
Warriors beat:

El Diablos informe: Game 1 tuvo una gran promesa como Haffey con punta del corredor contra Skinner. Desafortunadamente para Kiefer, él consiguió pegado. Dakota y Phillips bateó 2 jonrones y Tomlinson añadido 1. oh sí, Skinner dio 1 base de corredor en el camino a un 10-Mercy. Game 2 Phillips vs Shore. Cada lanzador estaba luchando para encontrar su control. Tan pronto como Shore hizo. se puso feo. Dakota alcanzó otros TRES jonrones y Phillips también se estrelló contra otro.