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BIG Trade!! Is There a Bus Line Between Rockwood and Wayne?

Cosby Myers Bursey
M. Brannan G. Brannan Hollister

For the second consecutive day significant roster moves are afoot. This time King Friday and Belgian Wiffles do some serious heavy lifting: moving six players between the two teams. Sources say the trade talks started yesterday evening when Friday execs approached Belgian with the offer of Adam Cosby and a few Gatorades for Mark Brannan. The trade then expanded to include Greg Brannan going along with his brother to King Friday, and in exchange Denzil Bursey was to be packaged with Adam Cosby. The number of Gatorades included as incentive may have increased at this point, as well.

What is known is the trade sat on the table for a few hours as Belgian mulled it over. Early reports indicated that it could sit for as long as two weeks before being acted upon. The King began upping the pressure, though, trying to push it through. They threw in Mike Myers along with Cosby, Bursey, and the 'ades if Belgian accepted the deal last night. That was enough enticement to get Belgian acting again. Realizing the two-for-three trade would leave them with more than an eight man roster, the Wiffles added the final piece to the pie: Jason Hollister.

At this time everything seemed in order, but Captain Buhr still had not given his final approval. Friday then drew the final line: "Ultimately (we) want Cosby to get some games in, and he is now saying he will only do the trade if (it's) now. Take it or leave it." They also expressed Cosby's desire to get out this weekend with time off, and noted that Belgian is in need of players this weekend.

Finally, at 11:08 PM on Tuesday June 5th, Buhr gave his approval, "I don't want to part with you guys, but I understand why you might want to get in a few more games or help a team make a playoff push... I'll approve this."

It was then put to a vote of the league captains for approval this morning. Only three of six needed to vote "yea," and three of the first four votes went that way. The final trade breaks down this way:

    - King Friday trades Adam Cosby, Mike Myers, Denzil Bursey, and eight cold Gatorades to Belgian Wiffles
    - Belgian Wiffles sends Mark Brannan, Greg Brannan, and Jason Hollister to King Friday