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Gameday 6/21: Islanders @ King Friday

6:30 PM     Field of Make-believe     Wayne, MI
(4 - 18)
2 Game 1 12
(8 - 8)
 LP: Mott (0-1) WP: Hewlett (4-2) 
HR: G. Brannan (5), Sharlow (3,4), Hewlett (8,9) 
5 Game 2 15
 LP: Linebrink (0-7)
 HR: Murtha (3)
WP: M. Brannan (3-4) 
HR: Hewlett (10,11) 
Line on the Series:   Over/Under 22.5 total runs scored

Friday beat: The weather cooperated for the first time at The Field of Make-Believe as King Friday took on the Pirates of Belle Isle. Game one Islanders starter Mott had Friday’s batters on lockdown for the first couple of innings but they battled each at bat and finally broke it open in the 4th as Hewlett had the walk off hr (2nd HR of the game) for the mercy rule, Rookie outfielder Sharlow also had 2 HR’s in the game. The 2nd game was a walk fest for both teams pitchers had trouble finding the board but the Islanders had the toughest time finding it in the 3rd inning, with 3 different pitchers taking the mound in the inning and none were able to record an out before Hewlett again hit the walk off HR for the Mercy.

Islanders beat: The Islanders just haven't had it this year against King Friday. Andrew Mott was on the mound for the first game for the Islanders and locked down the King Friday batters for the first two innings. Mott started struggling in the third inning which resulted in big bats from Jason Hewlett (former Islander) and John Sharlow. The Islanders were ultimately mercied in game one.

Game two started off as a different story. For the first time in at least a month, Islander Captain Alex Linebrink started on the mound. Linebrink had control for the first few innings along with run support led by a Matt Murtha home run. As the game wore on, Linebrink lost control to the point that the Islanders had to sub in Robby Colgan and Matt Murtha. Unfortunately, Colgan and Murtha weren't able to provide the relief that was hoped and the Islanders were mercied in the second game as well.