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Gameday 6/23: Holy Balls @ Wicked Aces; Ducks @ El Diablos

4 PM     Poolside Park     Ottawa Lake, MI
(11 - 7)
0 Game 1 3
(12 - 2)
 LP: Paquin (6-2) WP: Fisher (1-0) 
2 Game 2 1
 WP: N. Braden (2-1)
 S: Castle (1)
 HR: Corbett (1)
LP: Hughes (0-1) 
P★   Fisher (WA) P★   N. Braden (HB) H★   Corbett (HB)

Line on the Series:   Series Point Spread: WA -6.5

Aces beat: The Balls traveled down to Whiteford for the final series between the two teams. Just like the first series, the games were very close and extremely entertaining. In the first game, RJ Fisher made his season debut for the Aces. He was very impressive, holding the Balls to just one hit and three walks. Justin Hughes led the Aces offensively with two singles and a double to go along with two RBI’s.

In game two, the Aces struggled to get anything going offensively against Balls pitcher Nick Braden. The Aces had their chances, but could never get a hit to spark the offense. Justin Hughes did pitch well for the most part, but gave up a two-run home run, which proved to be the difference in the ballgame.

Balls beat: Sunday afternoon, the Holy Balls traveled to Whiteford to play the Aces in the two team's last regular season series. As expected, this series featured a lack of offensive production as pitching was dominant on both sides. Game 1, Whiteford was able to get 3 runs on a couple weak fly balls that managed to find the grass.

Game 2 had as much excitement you could expect from a low scoring game. Whiteford took an early 1-0 lead on a sac fly to right field. Brandon Corbett had impeccable timing for his first bomb of the year taking Hughes yard with a 2-run jack in the top of the 3rd inning. It looked like the Balls had this one locked up with Braden's quick 4th inning on the mound. When Nick took the hill in the bottom of the 5th, and the Balls still holding on to a 1-run lead, he was unable to find to strike zone. Braden recorded one quick out, then walked the bases loaded. In a brilliant coaching move, the Balls brought in their recent acquisition David Castle to close it out. Castle recorded the final two outs in strike out form on 3 pitches, earning himself a save, the Balls a win, and sparing Braden a humiliating splash-down in the pool.

6:30 PM     Pervis Memorial     Southgate, MI
(7 - 9)
3 Game 1 0
(17 - 5)
 WP: Pearson (4-3)
 HR: Pearson (13)
6 Innings LP: Skinner (7-2) 
1 Game 2 11
 LP: Morris (1-1) 3 Innings WP: C. Phillips (6-3) 
HR: Tomlinson (10) 
P★   Pearson (DU) H★   Tomlinson (EL) H★   Pearson (DU)
Line on the Series:   Over/Under 46.5 K

El Diablos informe: Juego uno Skinner se enfrentó a la CABRA, Dennis Pearson. Fue un duelo de lanzadores hasta 3 carreras contra el palo de la CABRA. Los Diablos fueron cerradas sin perder 3-0. Juego 2 fue un baño de sangre. Phillips produjo 1 carrera en la primera, pero era apagar las luces después de eso. Los lanzadores Patos costó encontrar su caminar de control en diferentes carreras. A dinger fuera del bate de Tomlinson nos impulsó a una victoria de la misericordia. Pearson > Bischoff.

Ducks beat: Everybody knew that Game 1 would be a pitching duel, Pearson vs. Skinner, and it definitely lived up to expectations. As you could imagine every out recorded by strike out. It was a scoreless game until Dennis came up and jacked a 3 run shot over the center field wall. Which would prove to be the game's only runs. Ducks win 3-0. Game 2 was a different story, el Diablos were patient at the plate as Phil Morris struggled to find the zone. Runs were walked in, and Dylan then replaced Phil as the pitcher. Kyle Tomlinson hit a 3 run walk off home run for the mercy. Ducks lose 11-1.