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Gameday 6/16: King Friday @ Belgian Wiffles; Westside Warriors @ Holy Balls

1 PM     Wiff-Hill Grounds     Rockwood, MI
(6 - 8)
12 Game 1 0
(4 - 20)
 WP: Hewlett (3-2)
 HR: G. Brannan (1,2), Hewlett
 (7), Hollister (1)
LP: Myers (1-2) 
15 Game 2 1
 WP: M. Brannan (2-4)
 HR: C. Coffee (1,2), G. Brannan (3,4)
4 Innings LP: Matt (1-4) 
H★   G. Brannan (KF) F★   G. Brannan (KF) P★   Hewlett (KF)
Line on the Game:   Over/Under 11.5 Mark Brannan Ks (pitching)

Belgian beat: The Wiffles offensive and pitching struggles continued on Sunday at home as they endured two more losses to King Friday on Father's Day. It was still a great day as Jason Hollister (former Wiffle, now King Friday) wanted his step-father, Carlos Garcia, to play some wiffleball. Garcia played for Belgian against his stepson and had just as much difficulty as the rest of the Wiffles did, other than Ryan Alexia (who seemed to walk almost every at bat this weekend), reaching base. He still had fun as did everyone else there. Even though it was a tough weekend for the Wiffles with 4 losses, everyone had fun and that's what Wiffling is all about.

Friday beat: King Friday and their new acquisitions paid off in their first series against the Belgian Wiffles as Mark Brannan, Greg Brannan, and Jason Hollister all contributed in huge ways against their former mates. Greg homered 4 times on the day. In game 1, Friday sent out Jason Hewlett, who dominated Belgian. King Friday’s bats did the rest in a total team effort at the plate, scoring 12 runs to make the final score 12-0.

In game 2, Friday sent out the other half of their new 1-2 punch, Mark Brannan. He was solid throughout and picked up the W. Fridays bats stayed hot, as Commish Coffee had a huge game, hitting 2 homers and driving in 7. Friday Wins again 16-1. While it’s been a tough season for Belgian, there is no quit in these guys. They’re a fun team to play and a good group of guys to be around. The new look King Friday impressed in their debut, but face an uphill battle to the playoffs.

5:30 PM     Holy Grounds     Wyandotte, MI
(11 - 5)
0 Game 1 3
(10 - 6)
  Westside forfeit  
0 Game 2 3
  Westside forfeit  

6:30 PM     The Island     Detroit, MI
(6 - 8)
16 Game 1 6
(4 - 16)
 WP: Pearson (3-3)
HR: Pearson (11,12), Morris (1)
LP: Murtha (1-5) 
4 Game 2 2
 WP: Morris (1-0)
 HR: D. Braden (8)
LP: Mundel (2-3) 
P★   Morris (DU) F★   Mundel (IS) H★   Pearson (DU)
Line on the Game:   Series Result: DU Sweep, IS Sweep, Split

Islanders beat: Another tough day for the Islanders on Belle Isle as the Ducks take both games. In the first game, Matt Murtha was the starting pitcher for the Islanders before he was pulled after the first inning for an exhaustion issue with his throwing arm. Shane Henry came in and provided relief, but it wasn't enough as the Ducks beat the Islanders by a score of 16-5. In the second game, Islander Ace Will Mundel pitched all five innings despite being under extreme stress due to exhaustion in his throwing arm as well. Mundel was able to find the strike zone multiple times, but it was the Ducks new Ace Phillip Morris that pulled it out in the end. The final score on the second game was 4-2.

Two new players made their debuts during the games--Phillip Morris for the Ducks and Chris Marhofer for the Islanders. Morris' debut was exceptional as he homered on his first at bat. Marhofer was able to continue the Islanders small ball dominance by walking several times in the second game. Good things should be expected from both players in the future.

Ducks beat: In Game One on Belle Isle, the Ducks bats took advantage of freshmen pitcher Shane Henry and jumped out to an early offensive lead. Dennis found the board on defense and the Ducks came ahead 16-5. In Game Two it was a battle between Will Mundel and Ducks newcomer Phil Morris. The ducks offense struggled, leading to multiple strikeouts from some players. The walks racked up for Morris, but he dialed in and shut it down. Ducks win game two 4-2.