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Gameday 6/8: Holy Balls @ El Diablos; Belgian @ Westside

4 PM     Pervis Memorial     Southgate, MI
(6 - 6)
0 Game 1 7
(11 - 3)
 LP: N. Braden (1-1) WP: Skinner (4-1) 
HR: LaDouceur (3), Tomlinson (6) 
17 Game 2 3
 WP: Paquin (5-1)
 HR: Piasecki (1)
LP: C. Phillips (4-2) 
HR: LaDouceur (4) 
P★   Skinner (EL) H★   LaDouceur (EL) H★   Piasecki (HB)
El Diablos Informe: Juego 1 - Skinner fue dominante una vez más dando sólo unos pocos paseos y sin hits. el apoyo ofensivo Diablos vino de jonrones detrás de los murciélagos de Tomlinson y Ladouceur y camina de Braden. en el juego 2, Phillips lanzó un sólido 3 entradas y el juego fue sin anotación a través de tres. después de eso, nadie podía tocar la placa. Kyle incluso lanzó. De alguna manera Paquin cerrada es abajo una vez más. Dakota también se insertan en otro homerun también.

Holy Balls Beat: Typical "Skin City" in game one, as Craig shut down the Balls offense. The rough part of Nick Braden's day wasn't so much his start as it was having his chauffeur's car break down on the way to the park. His BB were elevated, but he was able to keep Diablos hitters off balance with that good curve ball: recording 7 K in his 4 IP. The big hits (literally) to Nick's numbers were the two and three run home runs off the bats of Tomlinson and LaDouceur. In the end one would have been enough, but game two was completely different. Chris Paquin was stellar again on the mound for the Balls. He struck out 8 and gave up just 3 runs to the high-powered offense; two of which came on a home run in the bottom of the fifth after the game was well out of reach. For the other side, Chandler struggled with his control for El Diablos, and pulled himself after giving up five runs in the third inning; LaDouceur and Tomlinson couldn't close the gates in his stead. The big hit for the Balls on the day was Andrew Piasecki's first career HR - a grand slam! - in the fifth that deflated El Diablos. David Castle also had 4 RBI and 4 RS in his first games with the Balls; his first stolen base in purple (league leading 14th) was the cherry on top.

PPD to 6/8   -   6 PM     Warriors Den     Farmington Hills, MI
(4 - 14)
0 Game 1 5
(9 - 1)
 LP: Cosby (0-1) WP: Haffey (3-0) 
HR: Shore (2) 
0 Game 2 14
 LP: Dancza (0-2) 4 Innings WP: Shore (1-0) 
HR: Shore (3,4), Voutsos (1,2) 
Haffey (1) 
Postponed from 6/2 until 6/8 due to unplayable winds
P★   Haffey (WW) H★   Voutsos (WW) F★   Woods (WW)
Warriors Beat:

Belgian Beat: Belgian Wiffles came out to play Westside. Westside won as predicted, but we all had fun playing. Thanks for the good times Westside. Good luck in the play offs. Hugs and kisses to your step mom, Belgian Wiffles. Sorry again about parking my white trash truck next to your BMW.