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Gameday 6/29: Holy Balls @ King Friday; Wicked Aces @ King Friday

11 AM     Field of Make-Believe     Wayne, MI
(13 - 7)
9 Game 1 4
(8 - 12)
 WP: Paquin (7-2)
 HR: Castle (3), Corbett (2), Paquin (3), Piasecki (4)
LP: Hewlett (3-3) 
N. Coffee (3), G. Brannan (6) 
8 Game 2 3
 WP: Castle (2-0)
 Castle (4), Piasecki (5)
LP: M. Brannan (2-5) 
Hewlett (12) 
H★   Castle (HB) H★   Piasecki (HB) F★   G. Brannan (KF)
Line on the Series:   Total HR: Over/Under 9.5

Friday beat: King Friday hosted the Holy Balls to finish off their season series in wet conditions at the Field of Make-Believe. Holy Balls brought their bats for both games as their entire team chipped in and scored 17 runs in total. Chris Paquin and David Castle got the wins to complete the season sweep over their Ringler Division foes. Nick Coffee, Greg Brannan, and Jason Hewlett had home runs for King Friday, but in both games Friday was never able to keep it close.

Balls beat: The Balls were guests of King Friday to conclude their season series as they swept their way to a 13-7 record. Game one pitching match-up had Paquin opposing Hewlett. Friday was able to score a couple solo ding dongs off of the bats of Greg Brannan and Nick Coffee, who ironically enough were the two who made hilarious splash downs in the wet and soggy field. All the Ball's players recorded a home run.

Game two featured Mark Brannan vs. David Castle. Castle had a solid pitching performance giving up only three runs, one of which was the long ball variety via Hewlett. Concern for Friday came late in the second game as Carl Coffee broke a toe swinging for the fence and Greg Brannan barreled head first into a trash can attempting a diving catch. They were pulled to the sidelines for observation and turned out to be okay.

1 PM     Field of Make-Believe     Wayne, MI
(14 - 2)
7 Game 1 0
(8 - 12)
 WP: Bortmas (3-1)
 HR: Bortmas (2), Crozier (1,2), Fisher (1)
LP: Hewlett (3-4, 2.31) 
18 Game 2 0
 WP: Crozier (2-0)
 HR: A. Bischoff (7), Bortmas (3,4)Crozier (3), Fisher (2,3)
LP: M. Brannan (2-6) 
Line on the Series:   Robs by Tree in RF: Over/Under 2.5

Friday beat: In the second series of the day, King Friday welcomed the Wicked Aces who were playing at the Field of Make-Believe for the first time. The Aces got some great pitching out of Evan Bortmas and Joel Crozier who both had shut out wins. The wet conditions got to be pretty annoying especially later in the day, but it didn't stop the Aces from crushing the ball. Jason Hewlett and Mark Brannan weren't their best, but when you get zero run support, their isn't much you can do.

Aces beat: The Aces traveled up to Wayne to take on King Friday on a very soggy Saturday afternoon. The field was extremely muddy, and made for a very tough day for both teams to find any footing. Evan Bortmas took the mound for the Aces and had a perfect game going to the 4th inning. Jason Hewlett held the Aces offense to 2 runs over 4 innings, but the Aces struck for 5 in the fifth to take game one.

In game two, the Aces bats woke up right away and were dominant from the beginning, racking up 18 runs on 6 home runs. Joel Crozier took the hill and did a very nice job, shutting out King Friday over 5 innings.