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Gameday: 8/5 - 1st Round - Wicked Aces VS. Mattseals

Sunday    August 5th    4:30 PM    Poolside Park    Ottawa Lake, MI

  - Wicked Aces swept season series 4-0.
  - All regular season games decided by 1 run; all went to extra innings.
  - A. Bischoff and Crozier are Ringler All-Stars.
  - A. Bischoff represented WSEM at the NWLA Tournament.
  - Mattseals final two marathon games of the season leave Cosby unavailable for game one and Paquin through two.
  - All 3 Aces expected to pitch have thrown perfect games in 2012.

Game 1
0 @ 4
 LP: Hewlett (0-1)
WP: A. Bischoff 
HR: Crozier (1, 2) 

Game 2
2 @ 1
 WP: E. Bischoff (1-0)
 RBI: Hughes (1, 2)
LP: Cosby (0-1) 
HR: Franzen (1) 

Photos from Poolside Park:

Wicked Aces beat:
While many anticipated long extra inning games between these two teams (the Seals averaged almost 7 innings per game this season and each regular season game between the two teams went into extras and was decided by one run), signs of offense appeared early as Greg Franzen drove a pitch into the right field wall with his first swing. Austin, however, recovered to throw five shutout innings and Joel Crozier had two home runs and four RBI to lead the Aces to a 4-0 victory in the first game. Austin picked up the win and Hewlett was handed the loss. In Game 2 the Aces reintroduced their navy jerseys from the 2011 fall tournament (to be used as playoff away jerseys). Justin Hughes had a bases-loaded, two RBI single to put the Aces up 2-0. With the Seals backed up against the wall, Franzen drilled a solo home run off Evan Bischoff (his first run allowed in over 35 innings of work) to draw within one. It was not enough, however, and the Aces moved on to the semifinals (vs. Thunder Ducks). Both teams enjoyed playing each other throughout the season, as each game was close and competitive. The Aces wish the Seals the best of luck in the JH(FtT) and in 2013.

Mattseals beat:
Whiteford struck early in the second inning with a solo homerun to left-center by Joel Crozier and the Aces lead 1-0. In the bottom of the third, Joel Crozier came up to bat again and hit his second homerun of the playoffs, a three run shot deep into the pool. The Aces now led 4-0 and would win the game with this score. Greg Franzen of the Seals managed the only hit off of Austin Bischoff. Jason Hewlett pitched a good game, but Austin Bischoff outdueled him and got the win while Hewlett took the loss.

Game two started out much like game one. The Aces played small ball and generated two runs in the top of the second on some timely base hits. The Wicked Aces lead 2-0 until the bottom of the fourth when Greg Franzen of the Seals hit a solo homerun off of Evan Bischoff and cut the Wicked Aces lead to 2-1. This would be the only run the Seals would get as they fell to the Wicked Aces in game two 2-1. Evan Bischoff got the win and Adam Cosby took the loss.

Side note: The atmosphere at Poolside Park was very patriotic. Prior to game one starting, Kyndall Isham sang a stunning rendition of the national anthem. There were a total of six fans in attendance for the games. WSEM commissioner Carl Coffee did a great job announcing and Nick Coffee did the same playing music for the games. It was a great season for the Seals and I’m excited to see what the future holds for our team. Thank you to Whiteford for hosting us in the first round of the playoffs. Good luck to all of the remaining teams in the WSEM playoffs.