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Gameday: 8/5 - 1st Round - Thunder Ducks VS. Donkeys

Sunday    August 5th    5 PM    The Swamp    Trenton, MI

  - Thunder Ducks swept season series 2-0.
  - Pearson and D. Braden are Garcia All-Stars.
  - Pearson represented WSEM at the NWLA Tournament.

Game 1
2 @ 6
 LP: Seto (0-1) WP: Pearson (1-0) 
HR: Lewis (1), D. Braden (1),
N. Braden (1), Pearson (1) 

Game 2
1 @ 2
 WP: Murtha
 RBI: Seto (1)
LP: D. Braden 
HR: Nagorski (1) 

Game 3 (if necessary)
1 @ 2
 LP: Seto (0-2)
 RBI: Shaw (1)
WP: Pearson (2-0) 
RBI: Pearson (3), Nagorski (2) 

Thunder Ducks beat:
Ducks' bats hibernate early, slip by Donkeys Clown Shu Champion Dennis Pearson faced out with the sneaky Joe Seto in Game One. The bats came alive from the start of the game. Nagorski hit a liner down the line on the first pitch, but landed foul. Pearson hit a home run after a single by Braden to go up early. Two quick outs and the threat was over. Dennis shut it down on the mound for most of the game. After two second inning dingers from D. Braden and Chris Lewis, respectively, the Ducks took a five run lead. Going into the 3rd inning. Pearson got a little wild and walked in a run the next inning making cutting the lead to 4. A Coors Cold Hard Blast by Nick Braden the next inning brought the Ducks up to 6-1. The next inning Dennis walked in a run and the score remained the same. Ducks took game number one with a 6-2 victory. The whole Duck offense hit a home run besides the slumping Nagorski who had a surprising 0-4 with a walk. The D&D boys both provided two run blasts. Nick & Lewis both hit solo shots.

As for Game Two, the results had changed. Murtha got the nod for the Donkeys and Dylan started on the bump for the Ducks. It seemed as if the Ducks' bats flew south for the winter when this game started. Some strike outs and walks here and there. The occasional single and some mini-threats, neither team could produce a run. The first run of the game came when Nagorski hit the Cold Hard Blast of game two for a 1-mil lead over the Donks in the 3rd inning. Neither offense could produce a run until the Donkeys started a threat in the bottom of the 5th inning. Dylan walked the bases loaded. A Wallside Windows pitching change brought in the seasoned Chris Lewis to batttle to get the last out and minimize the damage. A five pitch walk bringing in the tying run and a seed from Seto scoring the last run to win the game took place next. Donkeys win game two, 2-1.

Hopefully to shake the jitters, the Ducks came out guns blazing against Shaw. The newly founded "JN" lead off the inning with singles. Nagorski and Nick Braden think of themselves as a nice 1-2 punch for the Duck offense. Two quick Ks by the D&D brothers made a foreshadow for a quick inning. With another walk to Nagorski, the bases were loaded for Nick with two outs. A routine groundball out promptly ended the inning for the Ducks. Threat over, score still neutral at 0 after the first. After a rocky start by Nagorski on the mound, he seemed to be dialed in. Despite a few walks, he seemed to be getting through the innings. The Ducks threatened in the 3rd, but failed to let a run cross the plate. The suspense poured in during the fifth inning. Using the last bit of what he had in the tank, Nagorski walked the bases loaded. Shaw hit a soft grounder down the first base line and scored a run. After that inning, the Ducks season loomed ahead of them. Bottom of the fifth inning. A season of Hot and Cold for the Ducks could be coming to an end in three short outs. A series with the Donkeys split so far. 3 outs and the Ducks could be going home early falling to a lower seed upset in the first round of the playoffs. The start of these games had began with a blustering wind that had come down to complete halt by this time. Dennis started off the inning with a walk. One Duck on, no outs. Nagorski strikes out swinging for a hit. One Duck on, one out. A walk by Nick and a strike out by Dylan had brought up Dennis with two Ducks on, two outs. Dennis walks. Two outs, bases loaded. The slumping Nagorski up to bat. The quietest player on the roster who has shown his clutchability in key situations when it is needed. He had the forth highest average in the league. The entire Ducks season came down to one at bat. These are the types of moments athletes live for. A tenth of a second late or two soon and their hard work would come to an end. The first pitch was up high, but Nagorski swung and missed. One more strike and the Donkeys could pull off an upset. The pitch is down the middle, Nagorski swings and rips one down the third base line past Murtha. A run scores and the game is tied. A fly out by Nick promptly ended the inning. The score is tied, 1-1. Nagorski gave it all he had, but walked the first two batters and signaled in Pearson. Pearson dialed in quickly and recorded the 3 outs needed to win. Headed to the bottom of the sixth, game tied. A groundout by Nick & then a double by Dylan. Dennis comes up to bat and hits a double, scoring Dylan. Ducks win 2-1 bottom of the sixth.