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Gameday 5/5: El Diablos @ Holy Balls; Ducks @ Belgian Wiffles

3 PM     Holy Grounds     Wyandotte, MI
(3 - 1)
4 Game 1 0
(2 - 2)
 WP: Skinner (2-0)
 * Perfect Game *
 HR: Skinner (5)
LP: Corbett (0-2) 
2 Game 2 3
 LP: Phillips (1-1)
 RBI: Tomlinson (4), LaDouceur (1)
WP: Paquin (2-0) 
RBI: Corbett (2, 3), Paquin (4) 
P★   Skinner (EL) H★   Tomlinson (EL) F★   Lollio (EL)

Balls Beat: The home opener for the Holy Balls had the makings for lots of runs and excitement with two high-powered offenses going at it, as El Diablos came into town. Runs, however, were at a premium as El Diablos won the first game 4-0, with Skinner throwing a perfecto. Game two was a nail biter with the Balls taking an early 1-0 lead. Diablos came back to take the lead 2-1 before the Balls managed to squeeze out two runs in the bottom of the fifth to win 3-2.

El Diablos Informe: Game 1 was the Skinner show yet again. In the 2nd he sent a home run to right center driving in C. Phillips and Tomlinson. LaDouceur also came in to score from a Lollio single in the 5th and Skinner capped off his Perfect Game. Game 2 was reminiscent of last years 20+ inning marathon. The Holy Balls took an early 1-0 lead but would be overtaken thanks to a couple key steals by Lollio and doubles by Tomlinson. El Diablos failed to hold the lead in the bottom of the 5th and the Holy Balls "walked" off, winning 3-2.

6 PM     Wiffle Iron     Taylor, MI
(2 - 2)
11 Game 1 1
(3 - 1)
 WP: Castle (1-0)
 HR x Many
LP: Hollister (0-1) 
HR: Dancza (1) 
7 Game 2 8
 LP: Pearson (1-1)
 HR: D. Braden (3)
WP: M. Brannan (1-0) 
P★   Castle (DU) H★   D. Braden (DU) F★   M. Brannan (BW)

Belgian Beat: Game one saw Hollister give up more ding dong dads than ever before. The question going in was his accuracy, and in hindsight, throwing balls would have been better. Game two M. Brannan gave up 7 runs in the first inning behind some shaky defense but he shut down the Ducks for 4 straight innings while the Belgian Wiffles rallied their way to a walk off win in the bottom of the 5th.

Ducks Beat: the Ducks came into Sunday evening matchup vs the Belgian Wiffles with a chip on their shoulder after dropping game 2 to the holy balls the week before. with Constanti out with a leg injury from softball earlier in the day, the pitching depth should ok? right ? Game 1: Ducks bats score early and often with home runs across the board off the talented Jason Hollister. with Dylan Braden leading the way with a couple bombs, Castle pitched masterfully to get the ducks the easy victory. Game 2: after a big first inning, the Ducks bats cooled off the rest of the game. A knee injury took Dylan out of the pitching spot. leaving Josh Nagorski and Dennis Pearson to hold on to a 7-0 lead. unfortunately the Ducks inconsistent and erractic accuracy did them in as the Wiffles came back to win in walk off fashion. off week for next week, but return home week 4 hosting 2012 Champions Whiteford Wicked Aces. should be a dandy !