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Happy Spring! Get ready for the "Winter Meeting"

Okay. So, maybe we should have strayed from MLB terminology and called it our "Spring Meeting." But whatever you want to call it, this Saturday at 8pm at 21932 Chipmunk Trail in Woodhaven WSEM is having our meeting to get everyone familiar with one another, on the same page, and in full swing for our inaugural season. We'll go over details of the season and game play, hand out binders with all the league info, and vote on a few final decisions, but knowing us, it won't be all business; we'll make it fun and hit the town to hang out after. By the way, WSEM Opening Day is just 40 days away!

On that note: Opening Day, April 30th, will be celebrated with a "tri-meet" between the Wiffling DeLoppes, Git 'r Done, and the Westside Warriors hosted by Chad Hoppe in Monroe. Each team will play a 2-game series against each opponent. There's a lot to be excited about here with the rivalry between the Warriors and Git 'r Done taking center stage in the chatter around the league. As if the first wiffleball games of the season aren't enough reason to be counting down the days, we're now going to have fireworks from these guys to go along with it!

Lastly, to celebrate Spring being upon us, the first profile for one of our 2011 fields has been started for The Drey, the 2011 home of the Flying Squirrels. It will be updated as progress is made. Any of you who are building a field, when you have a name and a general idea of the layout, dimensions, or any weird quirks you're going to work in get that info to us, and we will get your field's profile started, as well.

Happy Spring! Hope to see you at the Winter Meeting, and don't forget to get your team in the Spring Preseason Tournament on April 16th!