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Guest Stars & the Fantastically Bizarre!

This week's Team Tuesday features Campus Commandos captain, Adam Grant, guest starring to pull back the curtain on his team, how he became acquainted with wiffleball, and what he's looking to get out of the 2011 WSEM season. As it turns out, Adam's wiffle story shares quite a bit in common with commissioner Carl Coffee's wiffle beginnings. I also changed up how the articles are laid out in the right-hand column over there: a little cleaner, easier to browse through, and links to all of the teams' articles will remain conveniently visible.

You may also have noticed over the weekend that a fantasy wiffleball league sprung up over on the Skinny! A lot of people are having fun with this already, and Carl's going to kick it up further this weekend by playing inning by inning simulated games in a single elimination playoff. We have since added a few of the players' best statistics under their selection to give a little definition to the kind of player they are. This way guys who are new to the league, as well as outsiders, can see what it's all about on a little better and be more involved with this ridiculously fantastic experience Carl has given us!