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New DeLoppes Logo, Pitchers-no-Catchers Site Set

The Wiffling DeLoppes have a new logo. Okay, so it's a slight reworking of the former Downriver Wiffle logo in black and grey. It features the familiar minimalistic wiffleball and bat forming a 'lower case d,' with the holes in the ball representing a 'w.' The DeLoppes have been playing with us since Downriver Wiffle first used the logo in 2009, and Chad Hoppe has since stepped up and helped out in a big way with making a wiffleball league in this area possible; they are a team well deserving of taking up the mantle, and we are happy to have them carry the identity into the future and that it won't be forgotten in the back of the archives.

2011 Wiffling DeLoppes logo

Chad of the DeLoppes has also come forward and offered the use of his yard for Pitchers and Catchers on April 2nd at 3pm. Every pitcher and anyone who's interested in learning something about pitching is invited. Details about the Pitchers and Catchers event can be found in the third paragraph on the Schedule page. So, let Chad or Carl know if you plan on attending and we'll get the address and directions to you.