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Gameday 5/3: Wolfpack @ Belgian, El Diablos @ King Friday

11:00 AM            'Gian Joint            Southgate, MI
(3 - 3)
1 Game 1 3
(1 - 3)
 LP: Dancza (1-1) WP: N. Braden (1-1) 
5 Game 2 3
 WP: M. Brannan (2-0) LP: Nagorski (0-1) 
HR: N. Braden (1) 
Line on the Series:  Series Result: WO sweep, BW sweep, split

Preview: Week 1 was a Yin-Yang experience for the Wolfpack. They opened up with 2 good wins over Holy Balls, but the length of the games left them with only three fatigued players for the second set against El Diablos. Best to describe that series as a massacre. Things are looking up for Wolfpack, whose complete lineup looked strong, as both their #1 and #2 pitchers are rumored to play. This third consecutive divisional series should show whether Wolfpack are more like the team seen in their 2-0 or 0-2 series.

Preview: "Usually when you score 12 runs in one game, and in the other hold a team scoreless through 17 innings, you will win," quoth the Week 1 twatter rankings. Two tough losses in two very different games leave Belgian teething to prove they're more than their Week 1 results. With Farkas unavailable to pitch for two games, Belgian gives the balls to the 'NN effect' (Nick Braden and Josh Nagorski) for the series. Timely hitting was a tough get on the road (to the tune of an .067 team average), but Belgian will look to turn that around with their first taste of home cooking.

4:00 PM            King's Castle            Lincoln Park, MI
(3 - 1)
6 Game 1 0
(2 - 2)
 WP: Skinner (2-0)
 HR: C. Phillips (1), Ladouceur (1)
LP: Constanti (1-1) 
0 Game 2 3
 LP: C. Phillips (1-1) WP: Castle (1-1) 
HR: Constanti (2) 
Line on the Series:  Series Point Spread: EL -6.5  /  Friday w/ the points

Preview: Week 1 was all about stat padding for El Diablos, playing against a depleted 3-man team on a massive plot of land. Now, the fighting chickens head to a bandbox in Week 2 – 55' to left, 85' at it's deepest point in right. The treeline is said to make smallball all but impossible, so look for El Diablos to try to tee off and bolster their already gaudy numbers (.622 AVG, 1.156 SLG%, 33 RS). On the mound in game 1, Skinner aims to keep his 0.00 ERA intact, as well as his streak of recording every out by strike out this season.

Preview: King Friday pitcher's have allowed the second fewest runs in the league (5). Their offense has scored the second highest runs per game (9). The only team ahead of them in those categories is El Diablos - also the only team ahead of them in Ringler right now. The debut of King's Castle will be about more than stat leaders or early season positioning, though, when ex-teammates meet up. The 55' left field fence and yet-to-leaf-out trees will be the linchpin of this series. Castle looks to continue his torrid power-hitting pace, and he and Constanti will have to keep El Diablos sluggers off-balance and on the ground. This series can be an early statement for Friday.