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Black Day: Forfeits Shake the Standings

In-game substitutions are not allowed outside of injury. This is the last bullet-point under #10 "For the Batter" on the rules page [http://wiffleinsemirules.blogspot.com/p/2012-rules.html], and was highlighted before the season in this news post from April 19th: http://wiffleinsoutheastmichigan.blogspot.com/2012/04/few-thoughts-rule-adjustments.html

"No changes to the batting lineup may be made during a game unless a team begins the game with 3 players and their fourth arrives mid-game, or an injury forces a player to leave the game."

Sunday, the DeLoppes substituted players the first three games against Friday and the second game against the Ducks, and further investigation revealed the DeLoppes also substituted players during all games against the Donkeys and Commandos in Week 3. These games were played illegally, and are forfeit. Game 4 versus Friday and game 1 against the Ducks stand as wins. The game results, standings, season series and franchise records have been updated to reflect these forfeits.

Please, read the rules page and learn it. We do not enjoy being put in the position to make "power" decisions like this, and take punitive action; we run this league for the enjoyment of keeping a backyard game alive. Forfeits are not fun, but they are preferable to having players not knowing what is going on in this league that is run for them. Everyone playing with WSEM is a league representative and offical. Knowing the game, the rules, what you are doing in this league will not only prevent your team from violating the rules, but will also allow you to stop other teams from breaking rules that might put your team at a disadvantage, or even wipe out your games.