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Twitter, Twitter, Video Cover

Alex Shore has started up a Twitter page for WSEM - https://twitter.com/Official_WSEM. He wants to use it to help take coverage of our league to a new level. Right now, in the off-season, he is limited to keeping you updated on site changes, news posts, and new articles on The Skinny. Once the season starts, though, is when he will really be able to start working the magic. Make sure you follow Official_WSEM on twitter to get the most out of the 2012 season!

In Alex's words:
Wiffle InSoutheast Michigan now has a twitter page. The purpose of this twitter page is to keep you updated on league news, stories, etc. BUT most importantly, since I will be doing nothing this summer, I will be attending games and tweeting scores, stats, etc. SO, this page is a great way to take our league to the next level with real-time type updates and connect with other leagues.

Alex wants to go on record as saying, "this is not a Donkeys thing." Meaning that the games he attends and tweets real-time scores from will not be exclusive to his team; he wants to get as many teams involved as he can. Shore has said he will try to make it to Marquee Matchups when possible, but not all games he can make and tweet about will be Marquees. Think of it along these lines: the Marquee Matchup as College Gameday, all the hype and storyline building up to a big game, and Shore's Twitter-cast as the prime-time game. Sometimes they are the same billing, but often they are different matchups and places entirely; both are huge deals, though.

Alex's live Twitter updates join an increase in quantity and quality of video highlights as ways we will be improving game coverage this season. Last year saw only a few highlight videos from a single game per week. The plan for 2012 includes purchasing two cameras with league funds: one that will be assigned to film a Marquee Matchup game in its entirety, and a second to capture highlights from other games around the league. The Marquee footage will be edited down like last season. Then, instead of a music track and text, audio commentary will be recorded and added to the video; "calling a game, but without having to watch 100 balls miss the strike zone." The remaining highlights will be put together as a weekly highlight reel. Cloud storage will be set up for uploading and access to footage for those doing video editing. We did well with static images, articles, player cards, and game results/recaps last season, but the improvement to video and Shore's live-feed from games will make WSEM much more entertaining to follow in 2012!