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NEWS: Spring, Minors Opportunity, Schedule Look, Tuesdays

1.) Spring Training in Taylor

This Saturday, March 17th, David Buhr will be hosting a day of scrimmages, BP, and whatever Wiffle fun at the Belgian Wiffles field, possibly named the Wiffle Iron, at Heritage Park in Taylor. David will get there around 11am to begin setting up, and has said he will stay out there for at least a few hours if people are out and having fun. So, get there early, help David get things ready, and then enjoy some Wiffle in the nice weather.

Heritage Park
12111 Pardee
Taylor, MI
Between Goddard and Northline. The Field is located in the center of the park, near the left-field foul pole of the fancy LLWS field. There is a drive up to the field that is located on the left side of the circle drive as you enter, in front of the soccer fields.

2.) DeLoppes Minor League Affiliate

We got the following, interesting note from Chad Hoppe. For the record, there are teams still looking for a player or two, part-time or full-time, to shore up their rosters, but if playing with the DeLoppes is the opportuniy you have been waiting for to break into Wiffle, here is your chance!

Hi guys, if you can, will you make this pretty and post it? :

The Frenchtown Rock, the Wiffling DeLoppes Minor League affiliate, is currently looking for players to fill their roster. If you are not on a WSEM roster and would like to practice with and against the DeLoppes every week, and maybe play in tournaments too, contact us at your earliest convenience. Tim Dale, Brian Consanti, and Chris Kirk are given non-roster invitaions. Everyone else without a team is welcome, too. Contact Chad Hoppe on facebook if you're interested.

3.) The Schedule is starting to fill up!

In an attempt to involve Alex Shore as much as possible before his surgery and months of recovery, the Donkeys have added three series during Week 2. On 5/5 the Donkeys will head to Lafayette Park for Seto's first trip back then since leaving the Commandos. Also on 5/5 the Donkeys will make the trek down to Poolside Park to play at Whiteford. Then, on 5/6 Whiteford will head to Farmington to complete the home-and-home divisional series with the Donkeys at the field we are still calling the Reservation (although rumored to have relocated to a nearby field). These series join the first Friday-made-possible tri-meet involving the Ducks, Friday (obviously), and Squirrels in an exciting Week 2 of the WSEM season.

In addition to the games showing up on the tracker atop this page and the schedule page, a second Friday-made-possible tri-meet is scheduled for Week 8 between the Mattseals, Squirrels, and Friday (obviously). June games would be bumped off the tracker soon, so that is why we chose to leave it off for now. Remember to check out your home and away two-game, cross-divisional series here, and just keep a dialogue going with the other captains to set weeks and/or dates to play.

4.) Team Tuesdays Column Page

A page to compile the Team Tuesdays articles from all seasons has been created to make finding information on WSEM teams quick and simple. The TT page joins those already created for Coffee Time, Your Junk my Happy Zone, In the Cards, and Captains Corner.