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Pacman and The Drey: Leveled; DeLoppes Blamed

The tales are true; Pacman Park and The Drey, the oldest fields used by WSEM/Downriver Wiffle, were found with their right-field fences dismantled and the fields mostly stripped away. A portion of Pacman Park had even been turned into a lake. All but thirty feet of field in front of the batters' box at The Drey was torn up. Initial reactions on the inspection included, "what the hell?!", and, "well... your field had the most character...".

Soon, the accusation was made by Brandon Corbett, "I bet the DeLoppes did this." True, it is too early in the investigation to assign guilt, however, it is also true that the DeLoppes have access to heavy equipment capable of doing this job. The means are there. Motive can be found easily for the DeLoppes, as well. It is common knowledge that Chad hates playing anywhere other than Frenchtown Field; be it for the home-field advantage and fast playing surface, or the fact that he and his guys hate to drive. There are also many witnesses who will speak to the DeLoppes love of moving earth, which furthers the interest of them as suspects in this case. Opportunity is the DeLoppes' last support in their Jenga tower defense.

Despite eviction from their prior homes, squirrels are notoriously resourceful, and seals notoriously amorous. Neither the Squirrels nor the Mattseals dwelled on the loss for long before drawing up plans for two new, side-by-side fields only a few yards from the old ground. The Squirrels instinctively ran to a tree in the open field; early designs call for the tree being in play as a center field feature of the New Drey. The replacement for Pacman Park is currently imagined as being located to the south of the Drey in close proximity. The two teams will be working together on the re-designs, and are excitedly tossing about ideas that will best make use of the dual-field complex set to open play in June.

Still, there is no fix for the most traumatic loss. The last surviving section of The Rodney was destroyed along with the tall outfield wall; only its frame remained, tossed into a pile of wood scrap. In lieu of this tragedy, the Squirrels have stated they will be wearing their "Rodney" memorial patches that were previously worn in 2009 at London. Due to the importance of Danger Field in the genesis of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan, the league is considering league-wide use of the patches as a commemorative gesture this season. No word on whether this will extend to the DeLoppes, pending the clearing of their name in the investigation.