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FS 3|3 FS 0|0 HB 0|2 BW 0|4 EL 1|1 ON 0|0 IS 0|13 EL 1|1 IS 0|0 WW 0|0 ON 3|0 KF 6|3 KF 0|1|0 FS 0 BW 1|2 EL 1|2 R★ 2 BW 0 The
WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

2011 WSEM Playoff Bracket Unveiling

1st Round Matchups

(1) Git r' Done 8 vs. (8) Jason Mattseals
Sun. 7/24 | 6 PM | Frenchtown Field | Frenchtown, MI
Season Series: Git r' Done wins 4-0
(2) Wiffling DeLoppes 14 vs. (7) Campus Commandos
Sat. July 23rd | 3 PM | Frenchtown Field | Frenchtown, MI
Season Series: DeLoppes win 4-0
(3) Westside Warriors 49 vs. (6) Ass Kickers
Thurs. July 21st | 6 PM | Westside Reservation | Farmington, MI
Season Series: Tied 2-2
(4) Flying Squirrels vs. (5) Belgian Wiffles
Sun. July 24th | 1 PM | The Drey | Romulus, MI
Season Series: Squirrels win 3-1

Stay up to date with the build up and progress over on the Schedule page.

196 games into 2011 and we are just getting started! The 2011 WSEM Playoffs begin this Thursday! Now is when we see what teams are really made of and which have the luck on their side. Your best of three first round series may be played from Thursday through Sunday at the home field, or field of choice, of the higher seed: high seed will be home for games 1 and 3 (if necessary), low seed for game 2. So, get in touch ASAP with your opposing captain and set up the date and time that works best for your teams. Work with each other and help out when you can. The league is best when as many players as possible are involved, so let's try to make that happen. ** Remember that to be eligible to play in the playoffs a player needs a minimum of 5 games played. **

Teams advancing to the second round best of five series can begin playing their games Monday July 25th, and have until Tuesday August 2nd to complete the series. Different from the first round the best of five series will use both home fields (if applicable), and the games can be spread out across the entire time frame. In addition to setting dates and times, teams need to decide what format for the five games works best based on availability and travel. There are two formats you can choose from: 1) the common 2-2-1, where the high seed is home in games 1,2, and 5, or 2) the never used elsewhere, but here for teams that cannot play more than two days in the allotted time 2-3: low seed gets first two home games, then the series is finished at the high seed on the second day. A 3-2 series is not permitted, as it presents the possibility of not giving the low seed a home game at their field. If the low seed does not have a home field or preferred field, then the games can be played entirely at the high seed's field with the 2-2-1 format applied.

The best of seven WSEM Championship Series, which can begin Friday August 5th and run through Sunday August 14th, will be handled in the same way: teams choose the best format for their availability and travel, then set dates and times that work for both teams. While the 2-2-1-1-1 format may still be impractical, with two weekends and a full slate of weekdays (12 days total) it should be possible to utilize a 2-2-2-1 or 2-3-2. While it should be avoided if possible, a 3-4 is an option in the case teams availability mandates it. Again a 4-3 is not permitted due to denying the low seed a guaranteed home game at their field. You can play around with the numbers anyway you like, so long as the low seed is guaranteed home games at their field. And once again, if the low seed does not have a home field or preferred field, then the games can be played entirely at the high seed's field following the 2-2-1-1-1 format.

So, this is where it heats up, "the second season," the big payoff of our inaugural season, where we crown the first ever WSEM champion! Congratulations to Git r' Done on winning the pennant, but you know everyone is gunning to keep you from winning both titles. Especially those guys you lease your home field from! Let's have some exciting first round series to kick this off right! Westside vs. Ass Kickers jumps out as being the toughest to call, and therefore the most anticipated, but when a team just needs to play at the top of their game for ten innings anything is possible. It's not an upset if you can see it coming: I think we are primed for one stunning moment this weekend!