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[Video] 2014 Division Spin #6: Garcia slot 4 [Updated]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Paquin

Q: The Warriors made the biggest noise this offseason which made your signings of Dennis Pearson and Dylan Braden fly under the radar. What kind of impact do you expect the DD Boys to have?
A: Well Carl, all veterans in this league know what kind of damage Dill and Dee can do with the bat. I expect Dill to hit 20 bombs this year and Dee to break his own record, hitting 30.

Q: I expect your rotation to be Dennis and yourself, but do you plan on pitching Lewis, Corbs, or Dylan at all?
A: That's correct, Dee and myself will be the one-two punch that will shoulder the load of innings pitched. I expect us to start all of ours games this season, pending extra inning games that forces one of us to miss a start. Dennis and I have been working together in the off-season I expect for the league to see Dennis Pearson circa 2011. There will be fewer walks, hits, and more strikeouts. His arm and accuracy are both back. Dylan may make some relief appearances along with a rookie who has pitched in Wiffle leagues before. We have not formally announced him to the team yet.

Q: It’s rumored you are staying at the Holy Grounds in Wyandotte, do you plan on making any changes/improvements to it this season?
A: We are planning to stay at the Holy Grounds in Wyandotte, which is convenient for all members of the team. We may make some minor field changes but the location is the same.