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[Video] 2014 Division Spin #5: Ringler Slot 4 [Updated]

3 Good Questions w/ Captain Sessions

Q: You said on the January podcast you wanted Ringler, and Alexia shared those sentiments before the spin. Now that you are in the Ringler, are you truthfully happy?
A: I'm very excited to play in the Ringler Division. De-facto Captain Ryan Alexia is correct, we wanted to be in the Ringler Division all along because we feel we have a team to complete with Whiteford and Westside. In fact, I am confident that with a combination of our teams intelligence and brawn, we can be unstoppable.

Q: Your team has the perfect balance of veterans, rookies, and rookie/veteran Zac Adams. Pitching is probably your biggest concern, but do you feel you have the arms to compete?
A: I'm more concerned about how long it takes to get from Hillsdale / Morenci to the Detroit area, than I am about our pitching. We will be just fine.

Q: After siting out 2013 the Squirrels come back to a very competitive league. What would ultimately make you a happy captain? Champions or bust? Playoffs or bust?
A: I'm not sure what would be a bust if we are playing in our favorite division and we are having fun.