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WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

Gameday 7/14: Balls @ Islanders; Westside @ Aces; Friday @ Ducks; Westside @ Ducks

3 PM     The Island     Detroit, MI
(16 - 10)
12 Game 1 3
(5 - 21)
 WP: N. Braden (4-1)
 HR: Paquin (5), Castle (11), N. Braden (7)
LP: Linebrink (0-8) 
HR: Colgan (1) 
1 Game 2 9
 LP: Paquin (7-5) WP: Mundel (3-5) 
HR: Linebrink (2) 
Line on the Series:   Closest to # of outs recorded before a run is scored w/o going over; exact pick gets double points / # = 0

Islanders beat: Ah, those pesty little rats that are known as the Holy Balls decided to descend upon our lovely little island today for two epic battles. Thee Holy Balls, unfortunately, were able to steal the bounty from us, Pirates, in the first battle. It was Holy Ball, Nick Braden, who pitched remarkably well against our-beloved captain, Alex Linebrink. Nick was able to capitalize on a tough first inning for Alex and come away with a 12-3 victory. Enemies David Castle, Chris Paquin, and Nick Braden were able to pelt home runs out of the park, while Islander Robby Colgan hit his first career home run.

In the second battle, thee Islanders were able to take their bounty back from the Holy Balls, and vanquish thee Holy Balls from the Island. Pirate, Will Mundel, was on for the second week in a roll, as he only allowed only one hit. Strong bats from pirates, Linebrink and Andrew Mott, helped propel thee Islanders to victory in thee second battle by a score of 9 - 1. Enemy pitcher Chris Paquin recorded the loss.

Balls beat: Sweltering heat made games a bit unbearable to play, especially for those who took on more than one series. The usual breeze of the island didn't cool off the players, but just seemed to affect the movement of the ball from the pitcher's perspective.

In game one, the Balls jumped out to a commanding lead by putting up 4 runs before the first out of the game was even recorded. After a painful first inning, the Islanders' pitching staff settled in nicely, shutting down the Balls. After the barrage of runs scored it was too late for the Islanders. Scoring included grand slams by Paquin and Braden, and a home run from Castle. Final score, 12-3.

Game two was the total opposite, as Mundel shut down the Balls' free-swinging bats. Highlights included Corbett uncharacteristically shooting a triple to right field; Linebrink also with a home run for the Islanders. Final score, 9-1.

2:30 PM     Poolside Park     Ottawa Lake, MI
(13 - 11)
0 Game 1 12
(22 - 2)
 LP: Shore (1-2) 3 Innings WP: A. Bischoff (6-0) 
HR: Bortmas (8,9), Fisher (4,5), Crozier (4), E. Bischoff (3) 
0 Game 2 2
 LP: Hatt (2-2) WP: Fisher (3-0) 
Line on the Series:   Yes/No: Will a Westside lefty hit a HR over the short porch in RF? / NO

Aces beat:

Westside beat:

5 PM     The Swamp     Trenton, MI
(9 - 15)
2 Game 1 3
(11 - 13)
 LP: Hewlett (4-6) WP: Pearson (6-5) 
HR: Pearson (18), D. Braden (10) 
15 Game 2 9
 WP: M. Brannan (4-7)
 HR: Hollister (2), G. Brannan (7), M. Brannan (2)
LP: D. Braden (1-3) 
HR: Pearson (19,20), D. Braden (11) 
Line on the Series:   Over/Under 3 HR hit by Pearson / PUSH

Ducks beat:

Friday beat: Game 1- Dennis Pearson struggled with accuracy early, but actually pitched a no hitter against a King Friday team that was hungry for that last playoff spot. Pearson provided his own offense when he took the other Jason H (the one with the infant) deep. "Our pitching plan was to throw Pearson bad pitches, however, a little David Buhr got into me and it was the most accurate pitch I've thrown in my almost 70 years on this planet." said Jason in a candid one-on-one interview to an unnamed source. This loss eliminated King Friday from the playoff hunt but captain Rich Hurd was overheard telling some of the spectators "Man, we can still make the playoffs, I feel it, I know we will make it!" [Ed. Note: KF is not yet mathematically eliminated; their elimination number is at 1.]

Game 2 saw King Friday jump out early with a 3 run no-damn-doubter from dad to be Mark Brannan (the bearded one/quiet one) King Friday continued to pound a shirtless Braden on the mound. "I've seen some good looking nipples in my day", said stud batter John Sharlow, "but those have to be some of the most mesmerizing nipples I've seen since VegFest 2009." The Ducks made a run towards the end of the game, but Friday was able to hold on with the help of Greg Brannan's Griffey-Easton-pounding homerun which almost hit Jason Hollister's prized 1993 Toyota Camry. "I think it's a nice car," said should-be-allstar Jason Hollister, "If Greg would have hit it, I would guesstimate he would owe me somewhere around $15,000 or 4 Twisted Teas. I guess you could say I have an alcohol problem. Anyways we are going to Pranks bar in Gibraltar now." Overall it was a hot sweaty day but there will always be a spot in the King Friday patriotic heart for the Ducks.

7 PM     The Swamp     Trenton, MI
(13 - 11)
1 Game 1 6
(11 - 13)
 LP: Voutsos (0-1) WP: Pearson (6-5) 
HR: Pearson (21,22), D. Braden (12) 
9 Game 2 0
 WP: Hatt (2-2)
 HR: Hatt (1), Voutsos (4)
LP: Nagorski (1-0) 
Line on the Series:   Series Result: Westside sweep, Ducks sweep, 1-1 split / SPLIT

Ducks beat:

Westside beat: