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Introducing Big Wood

WSEM will be sending a team down to Columbus, OH July 13-15 to play in the inaugural NWLA Tournament. This tournament will be the first time more than two NWLA leagues have gotten together to compete in fast-pitch games, get the chance to have more than a couple hours to get to know each other in person, and - most importantly - be provided the opportunity to make asses of themselves together. Now, to announce the WSEM team roster, I turn it over to your commissioner and occasional bed-fellow, Carl Coffee.

– – –

The Inaugural NWLA tournament will be held this July in Columbus, Ohio, and WSEM will be bringing a team of All-Stars to represent the league. I have been involved in competitive Wiffleball since 2004, and it is wonderful to see the sport I love grow into something so popular. I am even more proud to see my league grow into one of the top leagues in the country. The talent pool in WSEM is getting better every year, so choosing a team to play in this tournament wasn’t easy. Many wonderful players were left out, but the players who were chosen were well deserving of their spots. The team of All-Stars needed a fun team name that people will remember, so ladies and gentlemen, give your Big Wood a hand!

#37   Dennis Pearson     P, DH     Bats: R   Throws: R

The first player I invited to join the team was a no-brainer. Dennis Pearson pretty much single handedly won his team the WSEM Championship in 2011. He led the league in both wins and strike outs, earning him the Clown Shu award (Best Pitcher). He also won the NWLA Strike Out King Award, which is given to the pitcher with the most strike outs in the entire country. Dennis also led the league in RBIs last season, and was second in HRs, so he is definitely a two way threat. Dennis will bat cleanup for Big Wood, and will either be the #1 or #2 pitcher. He will wear #37, and when he is not pitching he will DH.
#24   Austin Bischoff     P, RF     Bats: R   Throws: R

Austin Bischoff received the second invite to join Big Wood. Austin joined the Flying Squirrels in the 2nd half of the 2011 season, and nearly carried the team to the Championship Series. In 2012 Austin started his own team, the Whiteford Wicked Aces. He is off to an impressive start with both pitching and hitting. At the plate he has five HRs, 15 RBIs, a .318 BA, and a .403 OBP. On the mound he has only given up one hit in 28.1 innings pitched, earning him a 4-1 record with 80 strike outs. Austin will compete with Dennis for the #1 pitching spot, and will bat 3rd for the team. He will wear #24, and when he is not pitching he will either DH or play RF.
#17   Brandon Corbett     UT     Bats: R   Throws: R

Brandon Corbett is the ultimate utility player, and every good team needs a player like that on their roster. Corbett has done it all for the Flying Squirrels. He started off the 2011 season as the ace pitcher, and then ended the season as their #3. In 2012 he was supposed to be their #3 pitcher, but was bumped to their #2 pitcher and has excelled in that role. So far this season, he is 5-2 with a 1.56 ERA and has 49 strike outs. When not pitching he can play any position on the field. Offensively, Corbett leads the league in RBIs with 18, and also has four home runs. Corbett is on Big Wood for his bat, but if someone needs to eat up some innings, he may be called upon to pitch. Corbett will bat 2nd in the lineup. He will wear #17, and will play LF, RF, and will also DH.
#3   Sam Hatt     P, OF     Bats: L   Throws: R
Two players from the Manchester Punchouts, Evan Bortmas and Sam Hatt, were invited to join Big Wood, and both are excellent five tool players. Bortmas and Hatt both provide much needed speed and will compete with each other for the #3 pitching spot. Both are excellent pitchers so whoever does not get the #3 pitching spot will be used in relief. Both of these guys also play excellent defense, so you will see these guys playing together a lot in the field when Pearson or Bischoff are pitching. Sam Hatt bats lefty, so that will give Big Wood some diversity in the lineup. I am not sure yet who will bat #1, and who will bat #5, but either way these guys will make a lot of noise in Ohio. Bortmas will wear #9, and Hatt will wear #3.

#9   Evan Bortmas     P, OF     Bats: R   Throws: R

#33   Alex Shore     UT     Bats: L   Throws: R

The sixth and final spot on the roster goes to Alex Shore. He is still unsure whether or not he will be able to play due to the schedule of a surgery he has to go through, but either way he will be with the team. Alex has been a big part of WSEM as a player, captain, and now as the league’s beat writer. Last season with a revolving door roster, he led the Westside Warriors to the 3rd best regular season record. No one in the league comes close to the left-handed power Shore has, and he is also one of the top base runners in the league. This season Shore is a member of the Donkeys and is quietly having another fine season. The plan for him in Columbus is unSHORE, but if able to play, he will obviously be an important part of the team. He will be used much like Corbett, as a utility player. Shore will wear #33.

I (Carl Coffee) will manage Big Wood, and Chris Paquin will be the pitching/third base coach.