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WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

NWLA Predictions

Congratulations to the Punchouts for winning their league buy-in in the first satellite tournament on Saturday. With their team speed and talent at pitching and hitting, this team will be a force to be reckoned with in the Ringler Division. Moving from tournament champions to predictions of season champions: the NWLA has released their annual "St. Patty's Predictions"! The Punchouts get one nod from Josh Williamson, the DeLoppes get named by two of the experts, and the Thunder Ducks come in as the favorites with three votes from the panel. Belgian, the Donkeys and Squirrels all make the chart as runners-up, as well. Last season these were way off across the board, with the Squirrels getting a clean sweep. However, with the league more established now, I think this season's predictions have a much better shot at panning out.

A small site update: Roster photos for the Punchouts and Mattseals have been updated with pictures from Saturday.

Coming full circle: the second satellite tournament will be held April 21st at either Frenchtown Field or two-doors down the road. A Facebook event has been set up to keep everyone up to date with the information and teams signed-up.