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Winter Meeting Information and F.U.N.

Before the fun, here is some fun. The 2012 WSEM Winter Meeting will be held Saturday, February 25th @ Carl's Condo: 6834 New Providence Way in Canton, MI. A representative from each team is required to attend, preferably the captain. We will discuss changes for the upcoming season, preseason plans, possibilities regarding the playoffs and all-star game, and hopefully start getting weekly schedules set. Oh yeah, and we'll have fun. Grande fun.

The rumor mill has begun cooking again; this time exclusively on a waffle iron. Questionably reliable sources have leaked that apparel companies, apparently not content with destroying the fabric of college football, are trying to reach an agreement with the Belgian Wiffles to outfit them for the 2012 season. Could we be seeing Belgian in 28 different uniforms, plus who knows what come the playoffs? It is too early to call, but if it happens, we can only hope one of those uniforms is nothing but the boys covered head-to-toe in syrup. Yum!

Potential shoe deal for Belgian?

Speaking of fun run through a design segue... Is anyone bored of their franchise name? We are sitting on a couple gold mines of double entendre:


Closing on a similar note: we will be holding pitchers and catchers sessions throughout the winter in a variety of dive bar bathrooms. All are welcome to attend; wardrobe optional, balls and smiles are a must.