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New Year, News Post: New Rules

Happy new year (saying that's a social obligation).
Happy old year (because 2011 was kind of classy, and don't throw away classy things so quickly).
Happy next year (so I might be able to get away with not saying "happy new year" in 2013).

Now, with formalities out of the way, you (should) know that there are some changes coming to WSEM in 2012. However, if you forgot in your Amateur Night escapades, because your brain is frozen or because the Wiffle season is at apogee, then we will lay out a few of them conveniently for you right here.

1) The most publicized change for 2012 is the implementation of a pitching rotation:
  • If a pitcher throws 2+ innings in a game, they are ineligible to pitch in the next game.
  • If a pitcher throws 7+ innings (one complete game plus an additional 2+ innings), they are ineligible to pitch in the next TWO games.

Contrary to popular rumor, this rule was not made up after the season. Before the 2011 season we considered implementing a rotation rule, however with so many rookie players and unstable lineups we decided not to. Nevertheless, the only debate is "should we have used the rotation in 2011," not "should we be using one now." The rotation rule is also not an attempt to "save your arm," "watch out for your well-being," or anything else that is none of our business. The rotation rule is a way to highlight the team-nature of our brand of Wiffleball, and to make sure the game on the field is won or lost as a team.

2) A second change for 2012 is that all WSEM teams are required to wear matching jerseys with player numbers in their games. There are two primary reasons behind this rule: 1) Since we put photos and videos online, it is important to be able to easily identify a player's affiliation and recognize the action happening in the game. [1b) It makes you look better in photos and videos online.] Yes, we are just playing a game in backyards and parks, but, believe it or not, you do have an audience. 2) Player numbers will allow us to finally record RBIs properly on the scoresheets. [More on that at the Winter Meeting on February 25th.]

What constitutes a jersey? Same color, same shade of that color, and a number on back. That is all you have to do. Team name, logo, or some sort of creativity in design are encouraged, but you can pick up shirts for $2 - $3 at hobby stores and apply your own numbers for cheap if you do not want to play along. Of course, you can also go all out the way Whiteford or the DeLoppes have done.

3) Back onto the field, the basepaths specifically, for the third rule change for 2012. Runners can now tag up from any base on a caught fly ball/pop up. When a runner tags up fielders are allowed to peg the runner or throw to the base for the tag to record an out; pegging from first-to-second or second-to-third is allowed only on tag ups. Rules from third-to-home remain the same.

4) Another change affecting fielders and the basepaths: when a fielder possesses the ball in the infield they may call time out, and runners cannot advance further than the base they are on or approaching. If a player calls time then tries to make a play on a runner, all runners will be awarded one base.

There are the big changes for the upcoming season of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan. Other changes may yet be discussed at our Winter Meeting, date TBA.