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For the Thrill and All-Star Festivities

Wiff-Hill Grounds
Mercure Park
31973 Fort St
Rockwood, MI
Saturday August 10th, 2013
10 am  -  6 pm
★ ASG at 4 pm ★
$1 HR Derby 10 am - 2:30 pm

* Home team for round robin games will be decided by coin flip or whatever crazy backyard way the teams want to do it.

The 2013 John Hill For the Thrill extravaganza and All-Star Game will be held at the Wiff-Hill Grounds at Mercure Park in Rockwood, home of Belgian Wiffles. The four teams to miss the playoffs are invited to participate in what is commonly referred to as, "the most fun I've had playing this game." The Ducks had to back out. So, joining the Belgian Wiffles, Islanders, and King Friday will be a team of free agent players. Each team will play the other three once, and the two teams with the highest aggregate scores will then play in the For the Thill Championship at 5 pm. The free agent team will play the Ducks round robin games, but will not be allowed to move on to the championship game.

  1. New bats available as game progresses
    1. 1st inning - traditional yellows
    2. 3rd inning - C271s and ProStix
    3. 5th inning - Loco and Nerf Swerve
  2. The quadrants made by the crossed bats on the strike zone will be numbered and used to denote the drawing of a "gimmick" bat to use for the remainder of the at bat.
    1. If a pitch hits the number quadrant of the corresponding inning (1 - 4), the batter must randomly select a “gimmick” bat
    2. A random quadrant will be selected for the fifth inning
    3. 8 papers will be stuck in a wiffleball with different "gimmick" bats on them, a player will choose on of these
    4. If the active quadrant is hit on strike 2, the following batter must choose a "gimmick" bat for their AB
  3. Reverse baserunning
    1. Batters will run clockwise around the basepaths; i.e. run to third base out of the batters box.
  4. Each team will get 1 mulligan per game that can be used to replay 1 pitch.
  5. To walk or not to walk...
    1. When pitched ball 5 the batter has the choice to either take the BB or swing at one soft toss by a teammate with the hole-less ball.
    2. If he takes the soft toss
      1. A ball hit in play is live and played as normal
      2. Hit foul or missed, the batter is out
    3. If the BB is taken, the following batter must randomly select a "gimmick" bat
  6. A team will get 5 steals to use during a game
As is the way of the Thrill many of the rules let run wild. Different (bigger) bats become available throughout the game. "Gimmick" bats and a strike zone to distribute them play the ever-giving role of Jack Skellington's Santa so well. Steal attempts are increased to five per game. Walks are very frowned upon, and batters get a soft way out of them. Accessories and obstacles on the field are an encouraged guarantee, and this year we're even changing up an aspect of the field: baserunners will go around the basepaths in the opposite direction. Teams will also get one mulligan to use on one pitch they deem a necessary do-over. Any rules not stated to change will remain the same as in the WSEM rule-book.

What the full list of "gimmick" bats are will not be announced until Saturday. Rest assured, though, the fan favorite racquets will be returning. There's also a special treat in there for the guys who like to relax during games.

Another new element added this year is a home run derby. From the start of festivities at 10 am through 2:30 pm a derby field will be set up, and everyone is welcome to participate. It will cost $1 to enter for 10 outs with a C271 or ProStix, and you may re-enter as many times as you like; your best round will be counted. The top 4 contestants will then put on their display for all eyes on the Wiff-Hill Grounds at 3 pm, in between pool play and the All-Star Game, to decide the home run derby champion. The winner takes all the prize money home - or possibly some establishment where singles flow like gold.

The derby finals are followed by the All-Star Game. Normal rules, but ten of the best players in the league! The Ringler Division is represented by the 5 players who were voted onto the team. Chris Paquin and Austin Bischoff as pitchers; Evan Bortmas, David Castle, and Jason Hewlett as hitters/fielders. On the other side, Garcia has had to dig into its alternates list with Ryan Alexia and David Buhr joining Dennis Pearson, the only available fielder as voted on. However, the two Garcia pitchers that were voted on, Craig Skinner and Will Mundel, will be in attendance; that alone can guarantee an exciting game. Ringler will be the home team due to winning the season series 47-17. Everyone expects this year's offering to be a much better sequel to 2012's ASG.

The day's festivities come to a close as the two teams with the highest aggregate score from the round robin play for what many consider the greatest title WSEM has to offer, the For the Thrill Championship! One last salvo of shenanigans, unpredictable fortune, and hysterical heroics as the cherry on top of a successful 2013 season. Hope to see you as out there as a fan or playing for the thrill of the game!