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The Skinny on... Getting Started

Our first piece is now up on The Skinny. It's a self-interview, an anecdotal talking history of the beginnings of Downriver Wiffle in 2005, the challenges, the bright-spots, the changes that have occurred over the years and how that all has developed Wiffle in Southeast Michigan into what it is today. Amusement and information, enjoy it. Here is the link. This first piece is a table setter for the future installments in the column, as we'll have weekly installments leading up to and throughout the season focusing on our teams, players, field design, highlight performances, and the stranger aspects of wiffle in general. Brandon and Carl will each be writing columns, but if you have something you would like to say or think people need to hear, let us know your idea and if you're making sense, we'll let you have a column for a week! The upcoming installments are slated to be on the always competitive, always fun to take the field with Wiffling DeLoppes, and some preseason prognostication about what the top pitchers will be bringing into league play coming off of last year's tournaments.

We hope you have some fun with these columns and get a little better acquainted with the league and everyone involved. Amusement and comradery are the point here: making Wiffle in Southeast Michigan great together, while engaged in friendly competition with one another. So, check out the Skinny, and get excited for Spring! ... And, of course, have fun with this!